12 Days of Christmas – Last Minute Gifts

HYB does Christmas

Christmas is three days away – arrggh!! Hands up those who have got all their Christmas shopping done? Yes, looking a bit smug there. For those that haven’t – don’t panic – here are a few simple and personal gifts that you can make yourself!

Shortbread Stars

Check out our recent post with both a Thermomix and regular recipe. Everyone likes shortbread. Well unless they are dairy intolerant, but package these babies up nicely in a little box, tin or cello with a pretty ribbon and you are on a winner!

Shortbread Stars

Cookies in a jar

I LOVE this idea and this recipe. I made these up two years ago and they were a hit! The jar looks pretty, it is thoughtful, and for families with kids, it’s a great rainy day activity making up the cookies. Miss E’s child carers and dance teachers were gifted with these this year (I dropped them off today  – felt like a proper Santa’s helper!).

You can find the recipe/instructions on Taste here. They even have a downloadable gift tag with the cooking instructions. I wrote the ingredients on the inside of the tag in case there are some people with allergies.

Cookies in a jar

I’m going to work on my own version of this idea throughout the year so hopefully I’ll have my own creation to share here next year. I would say that the suggested 1 litre jar is too big. I’m pretty sure if you packed it tightly (which I did), you could get away with a 750ml jar. I filled up the extra space with a cookie cutter in each. I found the jars at our local discount store, along with a big set of cookie cutters.

Cookies in a jar

BBQ spice rub kit

Another gift I gave a few years ago, I know Danni’s ‘Himself’ really liked the lemon pepper rub, so Himself – here is the recipe! I had found the recipes in a magazine, but then lost them in one of our various house moves. the found them on Taste.com.au – win!

Find some funky spice jars – I found these ones in Coles that have a magnetic backing on them for $3 eachSpice Rubs

Team the rubs with a brush for basting, and a small pair of tongs and wrap up in a tea towel.

BBQ Spice Rub gift

Great for the BBQ king who has everything! I made the above Lemon Pepper rub (great with chicken or fish) and the Spicy BBQ Rub (its meant to be hot & spicy rub but I omitted the chili as the recipient does not like the ‘hot’). I also like the Indian Spice Rub.

BBQ Kit all wrapped up


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