12 Days of Christmas – Keeping Cool This Christmas!

HYB does Christmas

Who doesn’t love an ice block on a hot summers’ day?  Here at HYB we (and our kids) immensely enjoyed this road test!  Take a look at two icy treats we came up with…try it for your family this summer!

Nutella Bling Ice Creams

I thought I would call this creation “Nutella Bling” as you can bling it up with just about anything you like!

Chocolate bling ice-cream


1 1/2 cups nutella

1 x large can Sweetened Evaporated Milk

3 pack of Ferrero Rochers (for the “bling”)

Ice Cream moulds


  • Combine your nutella and evaporated milk and whizz together with a blender/stick mixer until combined and smooth.
  • Transfer  the fridge to chill.  Once chilled, pour into your ice cream moulds and freeze (this set of molds had both pops from both recipes in there)

Ice-cream molds


Unwrap your Fererro Rochers, crush them up and lay them out on a plate.

Take out an ice cream and roll the top in the Fererro Mix until nicely coated.

Serve up and enjoy!

Nutella bling ice-pops

NB: that recipe is from Danni, and I actually made them for the photos. It was SO easy to make and tasted so GOOD!

However, I would like to add a couple of notes. Master O is allergic to hazelnut, so I used nut free spread instead of Nutella (hence the ingredient photo), and A1 doesn’t like nuts, so I used Ferrero Rochers for me and crushed up Crunchies for him. It was also a warm night when I took photos.  I wanted mine not on a stick, and imagined elegant little quenelles with the Ferrro Rochers on the side (I had put some of the mix in the molds and some in a takeaway container to freeze). Whilst trying to get a photo that didn’t look like poo, the ice-cream melted. I am definitely no Donna Hay.

It may look like poo but it tastes delicious though! A1 did that roll back of the eyes thing when he was eating it so it must taste good! With a bit longer in the freezer it would have done well and I’m keeping this one in mind (in ice-cream form) for Christmas Day dessert ~Mel~

Nutella bling ice-cream

Blood Orange Summer Refreshers

I don’t know how many of you saw the issue of Donna Hay with that stunning photo shoot at the polo club? I loved the idea of the Blood Orange Icypoles, served in champagne (p.81 of the Spring 2012 issue).

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on fresh blood orange juice, so instead grabbed a bottle of the Charlie’s Sicilian Blood Orange Quencher. There are so many nice juice and drink mixes at the Supermarket now. (We also picked up an apple lemonade, which we are going to make up with a little bit of mint as well.)

Since I was already using a drink base, I didn’t bother using the sugar etc. I just poured it into icypole molds along with some fresh raspberries to freeze.

Blood Orange Refresher ingredients


A small punnet of fresh raspberries

A drink or juice of your choice

EASY AS 1,2,3!

  • Drop 3-4 raspberries in each mold and pour drink over the top.
  • Freeze.
  • Serve with sparkling wine, for a pretty decadent treat!

Raspberry blood orange icypoles with bubbles

Since I was home alone and didn’t want to open a whole bottle of real bubbles, I just used Edenvale Alcohol removed which you can get from the major supermarket (I was addicted to this when I was pregnant – and no I am NOT pregnant again), I imagine it was also be pretty yummy with sparkling elderflower drink… I will be making these for our New Years Eve party though and serving them with real bubbles!

Sadly, the shaggy pony down the road is not so cooperative for photo shoots, so it’s just my kitchen bench, no polo club for me! I could really use some Donna Hay styling suggestions and access to all her extensive props and servingware. Sigh. Anyway. Give both these recipes a go, they take only minutes to whip up and are really good!

Raspberry blood orange icypoles in bubbles

Also don’t forget some of the ‘cool’ ideas from our Smooze fruit ice post here

We’re also linking up for this months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop, which is being hosted by Christina over at the Hungry Australian. The theme this month is:

SABH Sweets for Santa

So you’ll be sure to find lots more ideas for keeping Santa and everyone else happy this Christmas. Head on over to see all the submissions!



  1. gastromony says:

    Yum! Perfect treats for a hot Christmas 😀

    • Indeed! It’s nice to get some Christmas ideas out there that aren’t all to do with cold weather and snow! My ideal Christmas menu involves staying away from the oven on a hot day at all costs!

  2. zomg I just got some ice pop makers just a week ago! thank you for posting, i have something to make now 😀

    • Perfect! I hope you enjoy them! I’m now super excited to keep experimenting with the evaporated milk and other ingredients. Was super easy!

  3. Jennifer Wickes says:

    That is such a cool idea!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love these recipes and so will my kids. I’ve just bought an ice cream maker and I can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start experimenting. Thanks so much for joining this hop!

    • This is such a nice simple one for it! I made it again for Christmas Day, though it was in the chest freezer and I forgot to get it out a little early to soften – oops! Very hard ice-cream!

  5. These look great – you can’t go wrong with Nutella!

    • Nutella is the best. I’ve missed it since We found out about Master O’s nut allergy so I’m excited I’ve found an O-friendly alternative!

  6. With all the baked goods out there this time of year it’s great to see some festive frozen treats too ;D Merry Merry to both of you!

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