12 Days of Christmas – Blogger inspired Christmas Gifts

HYB does Christmas

I don’t know about you, but quite often I’ll see something in a shop and it reminds me of one of my favourite bloggers! Possibly I just have waaay too much of a stalker tendency… So I thought I’d do a cute little Christmas gift guide, based on bloggers…

First up is my dear friend Amy from Mrs Smyth Gets a Life. Amy loves her tea. Her instagram feed features many cups of teas (on what was her glorious pregnant tum, in bed, on bedside table, on kitchen table – you get the drift). So I think this funky little tea infuser that looks like a tea bag is a winner! You can make your own tea blends from herbs and flowers, OR just pop in some loose leaf tea and save washing up your teapot. Win! I saw this one in Hobart at Inside (my FAVOURITE shop).

Almigh tea bag

I also found these cute polaroid-style fridge frames with markers in the same shop. TOTALLY reminds me of Mrs Smyth as every time we visit she snaps another polaroid shot for the fridge! I either saw these at either Inside or Funky Homes in Hobart (sorry I never recovered from baby brain), but you can also purchase them online from Until for $19.99 (I’m sure they were cheaper where I saw them).


Next up is Miss Mixotrophy – yes she doesn’t actually have her own blog, but she does micro blog on her Facebook page and she guest posts here often enough! I love Almond Tree prints and their ‘A Bakers List’ print reminded me of her straight away – the sweet treat queen that she is! Prices start from $29.95 and are available from many online stores and from the Almond Tree Frames website.

Almond Tree Bakers List


For One Crafty Mumma – Aside from the fact that she works at my favourite food store, The Aproneers, I love reading her blog for her posts about her caravan and how she’s decorating it… This My Cool Caravan book looks gorgeous – $23.99 from Bookworld.com.au

My cool caravan

And finally, my blogging bestie Danni. This just cracked me up!!! You can buy them online at Mighty Ape for $12.99. I saw them at Inside in Hobart.



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