12 Days of Christmas – Kids Christmas Activities

HYB does Christmas

Today’s post is all about fun things for the kids to do to get them in the lead up to Christmas….

Christmas Dough-Men rolls

This one is mostly about the fun of decorating something which they can then eat…
I made up some bread dough in our bread machine, set out a little decoration station, gave Miss E the balls of dough shaped into snowmen, and let her decorate…

Decorating Christmas rolls

Kids love dough-men

Can you tell which one I helped with?? How interesting freaky Makka-Pakka-like cute are the dough-men?

Christmas Dough-MenTop Tip – try not to let them overwork the dough as the rolls will turn out a little tough…

Christmas Tags/Decorations/Gift Bags/Wrapping Paper

In case you haven’t already realised I LOVE discount stores. My favourite thing to find there is craft supplies. Your local discount store is bound to have heaps of bits and pieces that can help you with Christmas craft and decorating. I found a pack of different sized pre-cut stars, plain brown paper gift bags and plenty of finger paint, glitter and glue. Perfect!

So this one is easy peasy – lots of fun for the kids, but yes, lots of mess – try and do this one outside. We waited for a sunny day and used the toadstool tables that A1 and I made up for Miss E’s birthday party.

You’ll need

  • Plenty of sheets of paper/paper gift bags/cardboard stars
  • Paint (or finger paint if you have it)
  • Clear glue (the type you squeeze out, best to use one with a fine nozzle)
  • Glitter shakers
  • Pegs and somewhere to hang it all to dry

Wrapping paper – I just let them at it with the fingerpaint, then when they were done painting, gave them the glitter and got them to shake shake shake the glitter all over (whilst singing a bit of KC & The Sunshine Band’s ‘Shake your Booty’). Try to make sure it’s a still day for this. It was breezy and the glitter went EVERYWHERE. Pretty sure the sheep in the paddock next door would have been doing magical glitter poos for days afterwards…

Once they are slightly dry, pick them up and gently shake to remove excess glitter and hang to dry.

Wrapping paper

Gift Bags – using the clear glue, make a star (or similar festive shape) pattern on the bag –  I did this step as my kids would have just let loose with the whole container of glue given half the chance. Then again let them shake their glittery booties (yes by now even THEY are covered head to toe in glitter). Again let dry for a while and gently shake off excess glitter. I found it was best to dry these on a table top or somewhere flat as the glue ran when hanging.

Christmas gift bagShake Shake Shake

Star Gift Tags/Decorations – Much the same as the gift bags, I made a pattern then let them shake away with the glitter.

Star tagsGlitter star cards

Shake off excess…

Glitter stars

Hang to dry. These looked fantastic! Use as gift tags or run some ribbon or string through them to hang up on the tree or around the house.

Christmas Activities

Hanging to dry


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