12 Days of Christmas – Xmas Apps

HYB does Christmas

My Top Christmas iPhone Apps for 2012, and they are all FREE!!!  Lets get into it…

Toca Hair Salon Christmas.  Miss N is in love with this app.  Similar to the regular Toca Hair Salon, just with Santa or a Tree to trim!

Christmas Girls Dress Up – similar to dress up red carpet, just with Xmas outfits.  Loads of possibilities for your little designer to create new sensations!

Christmas Tale from Tabtale – A Christmas story for kids.  You can choose to read it yourself or have it read to you.  There is also features that allow you to press on the play button and things happen e.g Mrs Claus rocks in her chair etc.  This has been really great for Miss N to do if I need to get Miss Z in to bed or I’ve got my hands full.

Christmas Ringtones – A must have.  I mean honestly!!!  Loads to choose from, songs, voices and sound effects.

Christmas Fun All in One – 14 different games, songs and activities to keep the little ones amused.  Snowman dress up, memory match, Songs to sing and things like The Christmas train, which shows and spells out different christmas related items. Good for your preschoolers and young school age.

We have had a stack of fun with these Christmas Apps.  Miss N in particular has been a huge fan and my resident tester-in-chief.  She thinks they all rock – which is good enough for me 🙂


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