12 Days of Christmas – Cheap Gifts and Stocking Fillers

HYB does Christmas

It’s always the way!  You think you are all organised and then you remember you need a little something for your Neighbour/Gardener/Great Aunt Gertrude.  No Fear – HYB is Here!  Check out a few things we came up with that might just help to get you out of the Christmas Pickle….

1. Homemade Goods:

Who doesn’t love them?  You could make chutneys or sauces or even these cute christmas shaped cookies in an old fashioned tin. Use our Citrus Shortbread Recipe and you can have a sweet gift ready in next to no time. Tin $1 and cookie cutters $3 from the discount store.  Bargain!!!

2. Mini Pinboards:

I whipped up this collection using a $4 pack of cork tiles, $2.00 magnets from the craft store, fabric offcuts I had in my collection and a bit of hot glue.  Just cut your fabric square slightly larger than the tiles (so you have a bit of overlap), hot glue the fabric to the backside of the tile, cover with a square of other fabric or card to keep it looking tidy, hot glue on some magnets and hey presto!  Add a mini box of cute push pins and you have a sweet gift for less than $10 that you can whip up in no more than half an hour!

3. Little girls would love Mel’s Hairclip Organiser

4. Kids Gardening Kit:

Get the little ones growing! Garden set $3, Seeds $1.50 and Jiffy Pots $3 from the discount store.  You could even add a mini watering can and/or some cute gumboots!!  Or what about these cute ready-to-go seed growing kits! I found them in Kmart for $3 and $5.  Cheap, Healthy & Educational! What more do you need?

Honey, You Baked! Cheap Gifts & Stocking FillersIMG_2635

Quick! Get to it Now!


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