12 Days of Christmas – Christmas Menu Themes: Christmas Breakfast

HYB does Christmas

If you are looking for something different to do for Christmas this year, or if you only have a few people to cater for, why not try a Christmas Breakfast?

By NO MEANS am I saying everyone needs to get up early, breakfast can be served at any time of the day!  I’m simply offering a different, yet easier and lighter alternative to your average Christmas Feast!  Things like fresh fruits, poached eggs, beautiful breads and loads of cheese could all be included to make for a really impressive meal.  You could also serve up a platter of these festive inspired croissants to really impress your guests.

Croissant Ruby

Fresh butter croissants

Redcurrant Jelly

Cream Cheese

Baby Rocket

Smoked Chicken (or Turkey!)


Split your Croissant through the middle with a bread knife, taking care not to squash it;

Spread one side (liberally – it IS Christmas!!) with Cream Cheese and the other with Redcurrant Jelly;

Slice some Smoked Chicken/Turkey and overlap the slices around one crescent;

Cover the other crescent with a good handful of baby Rocket;

Fold together and serve.

Honey, You Baked! 12 days of Christmas Crossiant Ruby

Croissant Gourmet Cheese

Fresh Butter croissants

Double Brie Cheese

Spiced Pear Paste (or Spicy Pear Chutney)

Leg Ham off the bone


Split your Croissant through the middle;

Pile one side high with slices of the delish double brie cheese and the other side with your pear paste or chutney;

Lay several large slices of ham so they overlap around one crescent;

Fold together, slice and serve!

HYB does Christmas, Christmas menu themes, Christmas Breakfast



  1. Ohh I LOVE the top one.
    I haven’t been able to find cranberry jam/jelly/ANYTHING in the supermarkets recently, but hopefully now it’s getting closer to christmas, I’ll manage to get some 🙂

    • Just so you know – I got the redcurrant from Coles – in the sauces aisle:) Also most good deli’s should have that sort of thing all the time. If you have one near you I would try them first – you would probably get a better selection!

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