Smooze Fruit Ice!

We’ve been recently sent some of the Smooze Fruit Ices to try.

Aside from being a pretty delicious icy Summer treat (Miss E broke into the chest freezer early one morning by standing on a stool to get one out. Guessing she likes them huh?) they can be used to make a mean smoothie.
Anyway, I’ve been meaning to make some smoothie cubes for AGES so I can freeze them and just pop them in with some milk and fruit, but to be honest, I never got around to it, and this is just so much easier. Miss E loves them as icypoles, and I can chuck one in the blender with some milk and fruit et voila! Healthy quick breakfast. Miss E is not so keen on the smoothies, but Master O loves them, as do I!

So if you’d like an easy start to the day (and a lower sugar than regular icypoles treat for the kids), I fully suggest giving the Smooze’s a go. A great flavour base for a morning smoothie, the coconut gives them a tropical flavour, which is great to make you feel good about mornings. I am NOT a morning person, every little bit helps right? – Mel

I made the Breakfast Buzz Smoothie, using the Coconut & Mango Smooze, with blueberries and banana for good measure. I skipped the egg though, since Master O was sharing and is egg allergic (we can get away with the almond in the LSA – no reaction to almond – yay!).

Smooze Breakfast Buzz Smoothie Recipe (Serves 1) (or a small serve for Mamma and one for Master O too!)

1 x frozen Smooze Fruit Ice of your choice
1 x cup of either banana, peaches, berries or mango
¾ cup milk of your choice (dairy or other)
1 x egg (optional)
1 tspn LSA
1 tspn honey

Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Smooze for breakfast!

Oh and hello! Yes, healthy smoothies are great but so are Smooze cocktails (for grown ups only!)

Piña Colada – Smooze Style

1 shot of white rum

1 pineapple and coconut smooze

1 simply coconut smooze

Shake, shake, shake and pour – style it up with a fruit wedge – enjoy!

Smooze colada

In Sydney, the Smoozes were just as loved!.

I am also not a morning person and anything that makes it easier and cheaper and simpler is FABulous as far as I’m concerned.  Also, I love any opportunity to get more fruit into my family as (apart from Himself) we are not as big fruit eaters as I would like us to be.  I love the idea of a “whizzy drink” (as they are known in our house) and the girls will happily slurp down on one – which is good to know!

I love this product.  Really they were great!  Miss N loved hers as an after school snack on a scorcher day (and thought it was an ice block TREAT!  God Love Smooze!).  I will most definitely be hunting these down on shopping day next week!

Himself nicked off with the Coconut & Pink Guava and made himself up a creamy drink delight!  We were (sort of) following the recipe for a Buzz Breakfast Smoothie however we were lacking a few pantry ingredients. What he ended up with was: Smooze, Milk, Egg, Mango & Honey.


I used the Coconut & Pineapple Smooze and went a bit rogue…I’m NOT a fan of dairy based smoothies. Not at all.  This being the case I opted for the fruit based frappé style and OMG. FABULOUS!  Loved every slurp:)

Danni’s Smoozy Frappé

1 x Coconut & Pineapple Smooze

1/2 cup frozen pineapple juice (fresh juice is just as good!)

1 x handful ice cubes

1 x handful frozen mixed berries

1 x orange (peeled and chopped)

1 x cup mineral water (or just regular water would be OK too)

1 x small handful fresh mint

Whizz it all up in your blender and enjoy!  YUM YUM YUM


  • Distributed by Health Attack, a family company passionate about sourcing healthy and natural and affordable snack foods;
  • Smooze is available in the dessert aisle of supermarkets and independents, next to the jellies and maple syrup. A box of 10 is $6.49 (that’s about .65c each! Bargain);
  • Available in four flavours – Pineapple & Coconut, Pink Guava & Coconut, Mango & Coconut and Simply Coconut

* This is not a sponsored post, but we both received some yummy Smooze fruit ices for review.  All opinions expressed are our own.


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