Grab and go snack storage

I was packing away the groceries and emptying the kids treats/snacks into our container that we use for such things and thought I’d share….

This is how I store the kids treats.

It means they are all stored in one spot (I leave the circle lid off so it’s easy to reach in and grab something).
It takes up way less room in the pantry & Miss E knows that these are the treats she can access.

Another hint, I also buy the sultana packs on special and refill from a big pack until the little boxes are no longer usable. The bulk packs are way cheaper, but the kids do like the little boxes – I also like the smaller sized Wiggles or Sunbeam boxes, a better size for the kids to eat from.

How do you store your kids treats?

I’m also thinking of buying a variety of things and bagging them up in snack size ziplocks. Does anyone else do this? What do you put in them?

Another thing I’m considering buying is some cloth snack bags. Does you have these? Are they good?



  1. What a great idea! I’ve started ‘packing’ M a lunchbox when we are home, simply for ease! I hear mixed reports of snack bags… And I’m pretty sure they’re something A2 could whip up very easily for you anyway. 🙂

    • So much easier to have something already organised isn’t it? Especially for you at the mmoment, newborn and toddler mix is tricky, anything that makes life easier is a bonus. And yes, I guess I could get myself some oilcloth and bribe A1 to make snack bags – however those Christmas stockings are still waiting to be whipped up. What on earth does he do each night when I’m at work 😉 ~Mel~

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