Welcome to the Christmas season!

HYB does Christmas

Ooooh! Its Christmas Season – we LOVE christmas at Honey, You Baked! I mean seriously – presents, food, drinks, friends, holidays and (in the Southern Hemisphere) SUNSHINE! What is there not to like? Ok, so there can also be the family tension, the stress, the “OMG I’ve overcooked the turkey”, but really, in most cases, the good outweighs the bad.

One year I’d love to celebrate a white Christmas. Hobart does its best some years, I must admit, and I have been up on Mount Wellington for Christmas sunrise on one occasion with LOTS of snow. It was wonderful. But I would so dearly love the whole thing – you know like in the movies (because it happens just like that), the thick snow, open fire-place etc. Just once though, because I think we have the best deal. Outside weather, which means we have a good excuse to ignore that hefty turkey and do fresh seafood, bbq etc. Now that’s my kind of Christmas lunch!

This year, both Danni and I wanted to share some of our favourite things about the Christmas season, things we do, ideas we’ve seen and want to share. We hope to maybe inspire and make your Christmas season a little easier, maybe even create some new traditions. So leading up to Christmas we are bringing you 12 days packed with Christmas treats!

  • 13th December – Christmas Menu Themes
  • 14th December – Cheap Gifts & Stocking Fillers
  • 15th December – Christmas wrapping tips and ideas
  • 16th December – Xmas apps
  • 17th December – Kids Christmas crafts and activities
  • 18th December – Blogger-inspired gift list
  • 19th December – Christmas Menu Themes
  • 20th December – Keeping cool this Christmas
  • 21st December – A new christmas tradition
  • 22nd December – Last minute Christmas gifts
  • 23rd December – Christmas playlist!
  • 24th December – Christmas Eve drinkies

We’re also really excited about the year ahead. We’re teaming up with some inspiring people to bring you some pretty awesome stories, products and competitions – including my dear (and very talented) friend – Arita, who makes the most beautiful jewellery over at her madeit store – Daisy and Mister. She is working on a very special piece to give away to one lucky reader in the new year. She also has some beautiful items for sale, so if you are looking for some Christmas gift inspiration, head on over. Also if you are yet to just discover the fabulous site that is madeit, do not pass go, head directly there – SO many wonderful items (for example, one click glance at the front page found me this: Fawn Night Light – by bySageDesign on madeit), it’s an Australian version of Etsy and I just adore it.

On another note, how is everyone going with the Christmas preparations? I’ve got the kids sorted (thanks to the mid-year Christmas layby’s), and we have one joint big gift for the kids, which is bound to create at least one visit to accident and emergency in the years ahead (I’m sure you probably don’t even need three guesses to work out what that is!) The first weekend of December announced the beginning of our crazy season. Saturday was non-stop running around with dress rehearsal for Miss E’s dance concert (this Saturday – eek!). Followed by a lunch time pre-kinder Christmas party, run by the fabulous people at St Giles where Miss E went for speech pathology – fully recommend them to Tassie people with pre-school age kids who need some sort of intervention services – Christmas party was awesome! We were meant to head out in the evening for dinner and drinks at our neighbours, but I think by that stage we were kind of glad they were cancelled! Sunday I caught up with the previously mentioned Arita, and another 5 of my beautiful high school friends, it was SO good to see them. The kids spent the afternoon at Mum’s while I lunched it up with the girls and A1 got the house and yard to himself. A great day for everyone 😉

Pretty much every weekend will be the same from now on, I’m sure its similar for everyone at this time of year, so enjoy the Christmas season!


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