Imaginary chicken salad – normally known as The Best Summer Salad!

This post is possibly the worst case of blog planning ever (Danni will be reading this and cursing me!)
I’ve been waiting for mango season and FINALLY the mangoes are here – the MANGOES are HERE!!!
I’ve been wanting to share my favourite, simple Summer salad. So you have to bare with me and use your imagination a little. See, this salad is MEANT to have chicken in it. I PURCHASED the chicken to put in it on my way to work, put it in the fridge… And left it there… Go me!!

So use your fabulous little imaginations and just picture some sliced smoked chicken breast in amongst it all (and I shall possibly learn my lesson and actually start preparing my blog posts well in advance – maybe…)

Smoked Chicken Breast and Mango Summer Salad

Baby Salad leaves
Smoked Chicken Breast – sliced thinly
Olive oil
Sesame oil

To assemble

  • Pop your desired amount of salad greens into your bowl. I made a single serve here so two handfuls… If they are chunky pieces, rip them up a bit so it looks a bit more delicate.
  • Dress with a splash of olive oil and a few sparing drops of sesame oil (it’s super concentrated – lesson learnt after Miss E found some in the pantry cupboard in our old place. I could smell sesame from downstairs, came upstairs to find her sitting with the bottle tipped upside down on the wooden floors. She smelt like interesting for a couple of days…)
  • Slice your mangoes (easier way is the slice lengthways from the middle of the mango and slide the knife down along one side of the pip so that you have one mango cheek.
  • 20121127-231538.jpg20121127-231545.jpg

  • Repeat. Then carefully cut slits down to the skin (but not through) and across wise so you have little squares.
  • 20121127-231551.jpg

  • Then you can slide the knife flat against the skin under the squares to remove them.
  • You can usually cut a few more strips from off the pip, then I squeeze the pip over the salad leaves (between both my very well washed hands) and get all the left behind mango juice and little bits of pulp in with the salad for extra dressing
  • Slice your chicken breast thickly and add to the salad and toss. Then add in your mango chunks and very gently toss through. I love the almost buttery combination of the mango and smoked chicken together. Enjoy!
  • 20121127-232828.jpg



    1. YUM! I love mangoes so much and they are so perfect in a salad (with or without chicken!)

      • Aren’t mangoes the best things ever? I never used to like them – I couldn’t get past their smell. Now I’m addicted and LOVE the smell!Summer!!

    2. mummysundeservedblessings says:

      Haha you just reminded me that I need to bake tomorrow or no weekend cookbook post 🙂 looks yummy though. Where do you get the smoked chicken from?

      • Lisa I’m so sorry, I somehow missed your comment – but almost 12 months later is better late than never, right??

        You can often find smoked chicken breast in the meat deeper ament I the supermarket where they normally have whole hams and things. I know Woollies normally stocks it (and sometimes Coles). They are quite small little packages as they aren’t in a try they are just packaged as a ham would be in thick plastic.

        Otherwise good a good deli or gourmet grocer would stock it.

        And it’s almost mango season again -Yay!!

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