Pixies & Pirates Party

Miss E turned four on Saturday. FOUR!! I still can’t quite believe it. This beautiful little girl has brought A1 and I so much joy. She makes us laugh out loud every day with her antics. She can also drive us insane, but mostly she is kind, determined, adventurous, funny and oh so sweet.

It’s our first birthday party in our house. We decided we wanted an extra-special party for it. She is Tinkerbell obsessed, so we decided on a Pixies & Pirates theme. Scope for so much fun!

A1 worked like a trojan getting our outdoor areas prepared. He built a bridge over our drainage overflow – our own little frog hollow when we have rain. How awesome is the little bridge – handy to have an engineer on deck!
A1 also sliced up some of our logs to create stepping stones. They led over to an area of toadstool painted ‘tables’ and stools, from logs on the property.
I didn’t take many photos on the day, I don’t even have one of Miss E and the fairy we hired! (For anyone in the Hobart area though, I fully recommend the Fairy Shop. We organised one of their fairies to come from an hour. She played party games with them and shared treasures and stories. It really was quite magical.)

I also didn’t set up the food table before hand. Or take a proper photo of the cake. This cake was the third attempt at a polkadot cake, never again.
This was the second attempt, suffice to say, FAIL!
Third attempt – not brilliant, but passable!
So whilst I was busy setting up the table, little fingers and hungry mouths were getting busy stealing from plates! So not the best pics…

The strawberry ‘flowers’ and fairy wands and pirate swords were both a hit! The wands/swords are grissini sticks, dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Same for the strawberry flowers.
Here is a close up of the strawberry flowers – one of the girls from my Mother’s Group made them for her daughter’s party, they were such a hit I just had to try them.
Sweet (half eaten) butterfly bread…
At least my cake fail was saved by some divine cupcakes made by my cousin Lisele. I highly recommend Cupcakes by L to any Hobart people wanting cupcakes or cakes! They are like little treasures!
These pirate/fairy boats are so simple to make and look amazing! (I used printables from Cottage Industrialist to make the sails and flag)
Fairy popcorn…
Dips made by Mixotrophy in her trusty Thermomix! She even brought along her gorgeous new baby for cuddles too (sorry, no pics to share of him, but take my word for it – gorgeous baby!!)

When I tucked Miss E into bed that night, I asked her what her favourite thing was from the day. She simply answered “Friends” then after a pause, “And the big Fairy, and the Little Fairy” (her). See – she melts my heart xxx happy birthday. In the words of the Miss E song I sing to her – “She is beautiful, kind and clever, smart and friendly too! Love, I love, I love, I love, I love my Missy Boo!” Happy Birthday beautiful girl xxx



  1. This is an amazing post, ladies! How great does that polka-dot cake look? But we’re all pretty impressed with the strawberries on a stick – much healthier than cake pops. Love your work! – Tammi @ WordStorm

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