A Breakfast Shelf – Especially For The Little Ones!

I’m sure I am not alone here, however I must say I really do hate being awoken at ridiculous hours (6 am is too early if you ask me) by Miss N demanding breakfast.  I am NOT a morning person and having kids has really screwed up my idea of what is/should be a sleep in.    That being so, we have come up with a great idea.  A Breakfast Shelf!

Miss N is 6 and although quite mature, I don’t like the idea of her playing with the toaster or microwave whilst I am asleep (she’s done this before, pushed the toast down 4 times as it wasn’t “done” enough and set off the smoke alarm).  So I found a box for her and made her a little section of the pantry she can call her own.  In this we can put all sorts of things she can access & eat without the need to cook it, heat it or wake us up!  I’m also making her a similar type of thing in the fridge.  Awesome:)

We wrote a list together of acceptable foodtuffs:

We whipped up some homemade muesli:

We added some things to the grocery list:

Helping her to do things for herself is a big step in encouraging a little independance.  I don’t need to do much and she thinks she can do it all!  Its also a lot healthier than her regular toast with peanut butter & honey and means I can make things that hides healthy stuff and she need never know (for the girl who eats pretty much everything – she can be quite fussy!!)

Obviously if you do this for your family you need to make sure of a few things.  Keep plastic plates, cups and cutlery in a low cupboard where they can be easily reached;

Make sure you provide things you know will get eaten;

Pre cut/measure out things so you don’t need to worry about the use of knives and other sharp objects;

Teach them to put empty plates/cups in the sink or dishwasher;

Enjoy your extra sleep in!!



  1. mummysundeservedblessings says:

    Great idea. We have done something similar since moving to this house. Although she sleeps in so never really uses it.

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