Fast party food – Teddy Racers!

Today is a quick, cute and easy party treat.

Works well for a Teddy Bears Picnic theme (I did these for Miss E’s first birthday party), a racing car or Cars theme too – I made them for a friends’ little boys 2nd birthday yesterday…

All you need is a pack of Smarties (or similar), a pack of Milky Ways, Tiny Teddies and some chocolate for melting.
Cut a slit about two thirds along the top of the Milky Way with a paring knife, then another slit right in front of it. Push the contents to one side to make room for a tiny teddy.

Pop in your teddy. My suggestion is to do all of these first.
Then melt your chocolate. I popped mine in a microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds, stirring halfway through.
Grab a skewer and dip into the chocolate, dab some where you want the car wheels to go and press on your smarties. Hold for a second, it should stick pretty quickly.

Carefully using your sharp knife, cut a smartie in half, pop some melted chocolate on the cut section and a little just in front of the teddy and stock down. Teddy now has his steering wheel!
Now have fun with your teddy racers!
I love the different expressions on the teddies. There was happy teddy (cause he won, road rage teddy, hungry teddy, sad teddy (loser) and teddy needs a driver reviver!





  1. Super Cute!!

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