Great Online Shopping Sites

Since Christmas is approaching, I thought you all may benefit from a list of great online shopping sites I personally love.  Some are Aussie stores, some located overseas and all of them have been personally tested by me (in the interest of good research – you understand).  In this day and age it amazes me why so many people STILL brave the pre-christmas shopping crush…why would you?  Why should you?  The alternative is sitting in front of your computer, wine in hand – browing some fabulous stores without having to leave your lounge room (or get out of your PJ’S).  My idea of heaven really!

Hopefully here you will find something for everyone (and if not, just some more things for you….damn that).

A personal favourite.  Handmade, one of a kind & vintage.  Etsy sellers have it all.

Similar to Etsy but all Australian.  Lost of beautfil things to be had here!

Another Aussie shop with something to please the whole family.  How awesome would you look in your backyard on 2 x wicker sunlounges?  Cocktail anyone??

This store is a classic.  Its full of all those things you never knew you really needed.  Great for the man in your life who’s terribly hard to buy for.

Stock full of beautiful things.  They even sell cool stuff for boys….candles shaped like lego?  Yes Please!

A great Aussie store full of beautfil, fantastic and super awesome kids toys.  Proper toys, ones that won’t break in 5 seconds and are actually educational!!!  (You can even buy a Bunny Light similar to the one Miss E owns!!)

Aussie online surf store!  Free express delivery WORLDWIDE! Need I say more??? (OK, so I will – how about My Little Pony Havianas?  OMG Miss N would Freak!).

Another store choc full of fabulously beautiful & funky things you can’t find many other places.  Warning. You may drool.

Super cheap store from Asia with a zillion different things to choose from.  Cheap delivery and FAST!  Pretty good quality too.

Another asian store similar to light in the box.  Lots of clothes here, super cheap.

Right.  I hope that has given you enough ammo to forge ahead and do all your shopping without leaving the house.  You can thank me later (just don’t blame me if you max out your credit cards!!).

Happy Shopping

xx D


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