Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Mini Blackboards

You may have noticed the cute little mini blackboards in some of the new HYB Photos.  Super cute, useful and easy to make!  I’ll show you…

I went to my local hardware store and bought:

A small tin of chalboard paint in black @ $12.50

1 x mini roller @ $3.00

2 x oblong MDF boards from the craft secttion @ $2.95 each

Honestly – this is the simplest craft exercise ever!

I wore plastic gloves so I didn’t get paint on my hands and grabbed a chinese container to act as a paint receptacle (perfect size for the mini roller to roll in).  Lay out some newspaper or similar and ensure the boards are clean and smooth and free of dust;

Use the paint as per the instructions on the tin.   Is a case of shake it up, stir it around, pour it out and roll!;

I used the roller in a crisscross fashion to start – going one way and then the other (I hope you can get the idea from the pictures) to ensure really good coverage and then finished off with straight up and down strokes to give a nice clean finish;

Give 2 good coats and leave to dry.  I waited until the next day and then did the other side (just to keep it all looking the same) and then waited another day and gave the front side a second lot of coats.

That’s it!!  You are now the owner of some super cute little blackboards.  Perfect for all sorts of uses like photo props, menu boards, kids activities & signage for events and the like.

Tops!   Go and have a try – honestly its super easy.  The great thing about chalkboard paint is that you can paint all sorts of surfaces….Think outside the square and you could create really awesome stuff like this…

TOTALLY in love with this chalkboard kitchen idea from Rusty Bluebird

Or this fabulous furniture makeover from Her Eclectic Interior

Or this super tabletop from Lifehacker



  1. I loved these blackboards we had so much fun with them!

    That last tabletop from Lifehacker is superb! I can imagine having a grand old time re-inventing the table settings at every meal!

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