Honey You Baked does another road trip

Our faves from our most recent trip from Hobart-Sydney-Yamba…

  • We liked our little hire car – less than two weeks old… The iRanga (our red Hyundai i20) – thankfully upgraded from a Getz, managed to easily to fit two adults; two kids in car seats; a large travel pack; two backpacks, carry-on wheelie case; a portacot; and a stroller without having to reorganize everything like a jigsaw puzzle whenever we wanted to access anything – win! Sadly you could tell that someone had already smoked in it. Gross. Mind you, ten days, two young kids probably have left their mark even more!
  • 20121018-204555.jpg

  • We loved our lunch at Watos Fish and Burger Bar in Yamba. A1 had flake and chips. The flake was light and sweet and fluffy, even I liked it and I don’t like fish much at all. The kids shared a kids ‘nuggets’ and chips. The nuggets was actually a marinated and crumbed chicken fillet cut into fingers. It was so moist and delicious. I had salt and pepper squid. With home made aioli. Delicious! Sadly Miss E kept sneaking them from my box whenever I wasn’t looking. I swear, the little monkey had more than me. Typical…
  • 20121021-200239.jpg

  • This Mumma Duck and her bubbas that promenaded past Grandma & Pa’s house every afternoon. The kids LOVED it, and it reminded Miss E of one of her favourite books.
  • 20121021-200229.jpg

  • You know you are getting close to Yamba when you hit the sugarcane…
  • 20121021-215617.jpg

  • Who doesn’t love Zumbo? It was Danni’s birthday over the weekend and we ordered a ‘Happy Birthday’ cake from Zumbo Patisserie. Hello to: Flourless chocolate biscuit, chocolate sabayon mousse, ultimate chocolate brownie, caramel mou, milk chocolate chantilly and cocoa nib nougatine with a White chocolate and Passionfruit glaze. Um… Delicious!!!!
  • 20121021-200210.jpg

  • I loved these mini blackboards that Danni made. Made for a funny evening of not-so witty comments and photos. Tutorial coming soon…
  • 20121021-220744.jpg

  • Blaxland Riverside Park at Homebush. Huge. Crazily busy, but both the little kids and the BIG kids thought it rocked. Fast slides, tunnels, high flying swings, water play – it goes on and on! Two complaints, flies everywhere and no real play area for the toddlers… My suggestion, go on a school day, and you’ll need one adult per child, because its easy to lose a kid!
  • 20121021-221332.jpg

  • Tolerant husbands who put up with our crazy schemes and ideas. Thanks to Himself & A1 for playing photographers, child care etc. thankfully they both get along so well. Not to mention Miss’ N, E and Z and Master O for playing together so nicely!
  • 20121021-200341.jpg

  • Black Forest chocolate, red wine, bad jokes, bad photos and a bestie… An awesome trip, thanks again for having us Danni xxx
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