Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Denim Shorties

I’m sure its not just me that has issues with this – denim shorts so short your butt cheeks peep out from under them.  Hello?  If I wanted to show people my bits I would have become a stripper!   There are never any nice denim shorts in the shops these days that are not like this and it ticks me off!  So I decided this year I would make my own. That way I could make then exactly the length I liked.

I’m planning on making a few pairs as I just live in denim.  This is the first pair.  Its really an easy job – I’m sure if you have a spare half hour you can do it too!

Step 1.

Pick your pants.  I own a large amount of jeans so picking a suitable pair was not that hard.  You can also get jeans pretty cheap these days, even from a charity shop if you are not fussy (no one needs to know).

Step 2.

Measure your desired length and add about 5 inches.  This allows enough for a cuff.  If you like the frayed look, then you can skip that part.  Make sure you have the pants inside out, lay them flat and have them done up to ensure they sit correctly.  Use a measuring tape or a ruler and get it correct! Mark your cutting lines and cut!

Step 3

Turn your pants back right side out and fold up your cuffs.  Pin to secure.  Now put the shorts on and look in a mirror to ensure they are both at the correct length.  Make any adjustments needed until you are happy with them.

Step 4

Grab your sewing machine – pick a thread the same colour as the stitching already used and starting at the inside leg, sew around the top of the cuff.  I always sew cuffs as it ensures they do not need ironing each time you wash them!

Step 5.

Trim any threads, put on your shorts and admire how awesome you are:)

Yay! How fast was that – I’m already working on another pair…slightly shorter this time (just not tooo short!).



  1. I think even I could manage this craftiness!!!

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