High Tea Blog Hop

It’s High Tea for this months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop hosted by Delicieux.

It’s also a double Honey You Baked team up with both Danni & Mel this month…

Sweet Vs Savoury at Honey, You Baked!

Danni’s Sweet Temptation is………Boston Cream Pie MiniCakes!

For the Cake Recipe I used my go to cupcake recipe you can find HERE.

Chocolate Ganache

125g dark chocolate

125mls heavy pouring cream

Combine the chocolate and cream in a saucepan and melt on a low heat until combined.  You will need to use a whisk or a spatula and stir well.  When you can see the utensils making “lines” across the gnache, set it aside to cool.

I find making ganache a day ahead is best.   I pop it in a container in the fridge and the next day before use whip it up till its nice and smooth.

Cream Patissiere

90g white sugar

2 x tablespoons cornflour

pinch salt

375ml milk

2 x egg yolks – lightly beaten

Put the dry ingredients in a large saucepan over a medium heat.

Slowly add the milk, whisking until the mixture goes thick & boils. Boil & stir for 1 minute.

Mix about a third of the milk mixture into the egg yolks, mixing well and then add all the mix back into the saucepan.

Add your vanilla, whisk well and bring to boil again. Boil whilst whisking for another minute.

Put aside to cool.  (Top Tip:  Leave your whisk in and once its cooled, whisk it up again so its nice & smooth for use).


Cook your cakes in a mini cupcake mould.  I didn’t use papers, instead just sprayed liberally with cooking oil.   At High Tea you want delectable teeny tiny mouthful size.  Anything bigger than one bite is too big!

After your cakes have cooled, split each in half horizontally just under the mound section at the top.  Take your top half and spread with chocolate ganache, carefully laying it back on the cut side to dry and harden slightly.

Now carefully pipe (or use a teaspoon) a small spot of the creme pastissiere on the bottom half of the cake.  Place the top of the cake on the top of that and carefully push down lightly on the sides (you don’t want to ruin your chocolate).  You just want the lid to stick and the cream to gently ooze towards the outside.  Your cream shall NOT runneth over!

Mini Mouthfuls of Massachuestts Madness:)  More Please!!!!

And for some savoury high tea to share:

Mel’s Yummy Prawn Savoury Sandwiches
Good quality whole egg mayo
Half a garlic clove grated or very finely chopped
Lime juice to taste
Cooked prawns, peeled and chopped
A handful of chopped coriander
Soft White Bread – crusts removed

  • Mix together your mayo, garlic, lime juice, coriander and prawns

Prawn mix

  • Pop prawn mix on bread
  • Cover with the teeniest watercress leaves from your bunch

  • Top with more de-crusted bread and slice into fingers

Prawn high tea sandwiches

Serve with pretty tea cups and friends!

Now don’t forgot to head on over and check out the other High Tea deliciousness!

High tea sweet adventures blog hop



  1. Wow I wish this was not a virtual high tea!! Yum!!

  2. I love your sweet and savoury addition to our high tea spread 😀 Those boston cream pies look to die for! Thanks for joining again this month.

  3. gastromony says:

    Yum! You definitely need a bit of savoury in high tea too 🙂

  4. Oh yum, love those cute little cakes! Those sandwiches look so delicate and dainty too 🙂

  5. mummysundeservedblessings says:

    You girls are going to make me very fat but very happy 🙂

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