On the road again – simple tips for traveling with kids…

Travel tips for kids

We’re off to NSW again. Another road trip, although this time we are taking a shortcut by flying to Sydney and driving from there to visit the IL’s on the North Coast.

I’m finally getting a better handle on what we need and don’t need for travelling with the kids and keeping us all sane. It’s the first trip with both kids on the plane though, so a new experience again! Miss E and I both took a bag carry-on and I also checked-in my travel pack.

Because I am paranoid a good girl scout, Miss E’s bag contains:

  • Her activity pack – a new Grug book; a sticker activity book; a word activity book; a mini My Little Pony; and a little pack from the $2 shop that contains a little toy baby and booklet and nappy


  • Her snack pack (she would never normally have a lollipop, a rare treat, but there was one for each of us to suck on during take-off). My kids are easily distracted by food so these packs are indispensable. We’re short of room for flying but once we arrive in Sydney, we’ll get some fruit. They love their apples/blueberries/bananas/strawberries – all easy fruit for travel (just be aware of restrictions when travelling across borders


  • A change of clothes for both herself and Master O
  • Her drink bottle
  • A dampened face washer in a ziplock bag (great for traveling, rather than using 50 trillion wipes, it’s easier for sticky hands and faces or to cool down a hot kid, plus no rubbish to get rid of)
  • A sunhat for later (obviously she doesn’t need this on the plane)
  • A spare dummy for Master O
  • A travel activities booklet from RACT
  • Her super-cute pink aviator sunnies

There is room for Marco-lamb to jump in there if he so wishes…

My bag contains:

  • The latest Donna Hay mag – in the hope that I may finally get to read it
  • O’s snack pack


  • Our drink bottles
  • Nappy change wallet & wipes case
  • O’s activity pack – contains two books; a matchbox car; an angry birds finger puppet (from the $2 shop Miss E will totally want to steal it!); and an egg shaker


  • O’s face washer
  • Usual suspects such as wallet, phone, lip balm etc.

Not everything will be required on the plane trip, but I’m fully aware that once we get in the car and stuck in the usual Sydney traffic jam, we will be welcoming it!

I’ve also packed in my check-in baggage, three large baby wraps. They roll up small, but will be great to lay under the car seat/on the floor to pick up any spilt messes in the hire car. Also great for putting in the window as sun shades and for the kids to snuggle under during nigh

I also used packing cells to pack the kids clothes in my check-in luggage. It was really handy considering my pack contained all the clothes for Miss E, Master O and myself for the trip. It kept them all seperate and at hand…


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