Miss N the Cake Baker!

Miss N is 6 . Crazy!   My big girl is getting so much bigger.  She’s such a grown up sometimes I have people saying to me “She’s only 6” when I’m grumbling about her not doing as she’s told or not understanding a concept (not that the latter happens often!).  I totally forget she is still a child as she is the most mature and intelligent child around (I’m her mummy, I’m allowed to say that).

This year she didn’t get a Bday party.  She told me she wanted her ears pierced so off we went to the shops where she sat like a grown up and was very good whilst it all happened.  She’s already telling me about the special Christmas Earrings she needs to have that light up and sing carols (Good Lord).

She also (a first!) wanted to make her own cake this year.  Normally its an idea or picture or theme that Mummy has to try & re-create however – this time I was let off the hook and she did it all herself.  She decided on the cake, the icing, she made the models, used the cutters, decorated the individual pieces and collected all the sprinkles and dusts and special items needed from my decorating supply.  She was careful, calculated and organised (she IS my baby after all!) and even ensured she had a special cupcake decorated and ready for Daddy to take to work on night shift – just so he wouldn’t miss out at cake time:).

She had such a fun time doing her cake and for once – I was happy to let her do it.  I was proud of myself for not butting in or taking over (as I am known to do when things are not done properly) and I think that made her enjoy the experience all the more – being the Boss:)


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