I ❤ Orange

I’m putting it out there, I love the colour orange. It’s one of those odd colours that looks good when I wear it, and well, it’s orange – it makes me happy.

So here are some of my favourite orange things right now…

Baby Gift
I love these bunnies from Etsy seller Spinkie. How adorable are they? And a bargain at around AUD $19.79. They have a range of different colours, but I like the orange, it’s different, and a great choice if you don’t know the gender. I purchased one recently for a friends little baby, it was soft and sweet and well-made. Warning these take a few weeks for delivery, so order with plenty of time…


For little girls
I adore these old style orange hair bobbles in ‘Fanta Grin’ colour. Available from Down That Little Lane for $3 each.


For the little boys
One of our high school science teachers wore a bow tie every single day. Very eccentric, but I now think of science teachers whenever I see a slightly out-there bow tie. So for the little mad-scientists out there, I give you the orange spot bow tie! Available from Etsy Seller LyoniFaire for around AUD $8.41, I’m thinking my godson would like these…


For crafting
How awesome is this orange twine – pretty sure it’s not food safe (think Bridget Jones’ blue soup), but I’d want to use this for everything else! (Around AUD $13.36 from LePaperShop on Etsy).


For parties
Oh I love, love, LOVE these cute paper bags from Sunday’s Market on etsy. How sweet would this be for party favours – just reminds me of walking to the corner store for a 20 cent bag of mixed lollies. With an extra splash of fun colour! (Around AUD $2.92 for a pack of 25).


For food fun
How cute are these orange boats sailing on a sea of blue jelly. Another Pinterest find, they are from a Pirate Party post at Notable Nest. I’m hoping to include these as part of the party food at Miss E’s birthday.


For me!
This outfit – love the splash of colour from the orange shirt. Totally comfy! I am really liking window shopping on sites like Polyvore and Birdsnest (where this outfit was from)…


*** All prices are excluding shipping, and are subject to change.


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