Worldly Wednesday – Chicken & Mushroom Fettuchini

Since Himself is a shift worker, there are many nights where its just the girls and I at home.

I’m not a fan of cooking big meals those nights, mainly as its a chance to get the girls into bed early! LOL.   I’m so mean:)   That being so, we normally have easy things and this pasta dish is a cracker.   It can be made with “proper” fresh ingredients if you so desire, however I find that for a quick, easy and super cheap meal, nothing beats a few leftovers and dip into your pantry.

Chicken & Mushroom Fettuchini


Dried Fettuchini – about a half pack

Can of Champignons, drained

Leftover BBQ chicken, thinly shredded about 1 cup

1/2 cup Cream

2 teaspoons or so Dried Thyme

S & P

1 x Brown onion, diced

2 x cloves Garlic, diced or crushed

2 Tablesp. flour

Good Splosh of White Wine

Lug of cooking oil

Small knob of butter


Stick your pasta on to cook in a large pot of salted, boiling water.

Dice your onion, garlic, butter & flour and add to a hot pan with a splash of oil.  Fry on medium heat until onion if slightly softened.

Add your dried thyme, cracked black pepper, chicken and mushrooms

Deglaze with wine and add cream, stirring well.

Add your cooked pasta, including some of the cooking water if you need to thin the sauce.

Season with salt and serve, including some finely grated parmesan on top if you so desire!

Easy, Super Cheap and DE-LISH!



  1. I frequently use leftover veggies (always make extra) instead of canned vegs.

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