Top Stuff for Kids – Part Deux

It’s been a while since our Favourite Products for Baby post and our babies are growing up! Time for an update with some of our new favorites!

Bellamy’s Organic Pinky Fingers – I love Bellamy’s as it is a great Tasmanian company creating kids food products. I always keep a box of these in the car for when mine get cranky. They love the mango/strawberry flavour.

Table of Plenty Mini Rice Cakes. Perfect finger food size for little ones, but tasty enough (with their yoghurt or chocolate tops) for Mum & Dad too. Master O is the big fan of the Triple Berry yoghurt ones, Miss E not so much (she says she ‘doesn’t like them’ but if she sees Master O with one and she doesn’t have one, then well, all of a sudden they are good enough for her). Typical!

Flashing tooth brushes – Mum bought a Hello Kitty toothbrush from Coles which has a light that flashes for 1 minute. I let Ella brush for one minute, then I brush for another minute to make sure it’s done properly. Easy for them to know how long to brush for, and so far the novelty of the flashing light hasn’t worn off. Genius!
Baby Mummum Rice Rusks. I once saw a description of these on a parenting forum as ‘crack for babies – you open a box and ALL the kids come running’. Possibly a crude description, but it’s totally apt! Both my kids love these, even Miss E at almost 4 gets excited for them. They come in 4 different varieties, Original, Banana, Vegetable and Organic. I’m yet to see the organic ones anywhere in Tassie, but the others are widely available. Something else that I keep a box of in the car, as they are relatively mess free, and unlikely to get dropped on the floor.

Big W bubble wands – these are only $1 each and are pure brilliance (find them in the toy section, they have an area with cheap toys eg. Plastic cameras, frisbees, grip ball sets and they are amongst them). The kids can just wave them around in the air and out come the bubbles. I’ve also just bought their $3 bubble mix from the same area for refills, hopefully it’s the same quality.

Bobble Filter Drink Bottles. These are great. I got sick of buying drink bottles and having them leak, or the kids would chew on the poptops or lose the lid. I also just got sick of never being able to find a drink bottle when I needed one.
In the end I bought a Bobble drink bottle for each family member. They are clear (BPA free) plastic and you can choose a coloured filter/pop top to go with it. The filter and pop top are attached to each other, which I find great as every couple of months when you buy a replacement filter you get a new pop top (and lid), so it doesn’t matter if the kids chew on them. I also bought a different colour filter for everyone so it was easy to distinguish who each bottle belonged to straight away. It has worked brilliantly so far, and with own funky bottle, I am drinking more water! (they are also on super special this week at Woolworths, so stock up!
Bunny loveys – both my kids have bunny loveys. Grandma (Mother in Law) knitted them. Miss E loved hers so much we asked Grandma to knit a backup bunny. We kept one in the car and one in her cot, so they both got equal love and use and smelt similar, but it was easy when one needed a wash as we always had the spare. When Grandma found out we were pregnant with our second, she dutifully knitted two more in an all-inclusive colour combo of blue/pink/yellow/white.
Miss E always used to say ‘Mimi’ when she saw hers (her strange way of saying ‘bunny’) and Master O says ‘Belllaaaa’, so we now have Mimi and Bella! I’ve located a pattern on Ravelry for a knitted version (which also links to a crochet version), if you have a crafty person handy, OR I’ve seen similar on Etsy.
Little Innoscents vapour rub. The gentle formula helps soothe my kids when they are feeling stuffy and snuffly, and unlike other brands it doesn’t send Master O’s sensitive skin into a rashy mess. And when they are feeling better at night, it’s a better nights sleep for everyone!

The Karma Soap Company – Pure Goats Milk Soaps. Miss N is in love with the Strawberry Bubblegum!! Great for your skin and they smell devine. They are even great on Miss Z and myself – both of us get skin irritations very easily!

Maybelline baby Lips Chap Stick. We have needed loads of this at our place this winter. REALLY makes your lips super soft and just the right size for Miss N to put in her pocket for school;

Invisible Zinc 30+. I love this as it has an easy open flip top and a D ring which is perfect for attaching to schoolbags. Since Miss N is a redhead and a magnet for the sun – this is perfect. It means she has her sunscreen with her all day. (Now we just need to get her to remember to put it on!! LOL). I also have a small pump pack of this stuff in my baby bag and LOVE the tinted daywear. Great tinted moisturiser with added protection built in!

“My Fashion Everyday” brand of hair elastics (found at the Reject Shop). If, like me you have a child who loses 50 hair elastics a day – these are great. For $3 you get a pack of about 20 elastics, a hair band, a scrunchie and some clips – all in the same colour. They even have a big range of school uniform colours – FANTASTIC for school and ballet 🙂

Honey You Baked likes


No No’s Bars from Table of Plenty
We were both sent a box of each flavour of these to try out.
They come in cocoa and berry flavours. In the Tassie household, it was a 50/50 split for favourites. The girls of the house went for the berry flavour, it was a stronger flavour and sweeter than the cocoa. The boys preferred the cocoa. I found it to be not chocolatey enough for my tastes, but I still wouldn’t turn one down (and I like the fact that they aren’t overly sweet, as I’m sick of kids treats being sugar-laden). Kate, the founder of Table of Plenty is a Mum. I think this might be why I love their products, the fact that they are developed with kids health in mind. I love the fact that the No No’s have no preservatives (no sulphites!) and are made with natural ingredients.
Miss E really enjoys them and keeps asking for Yo-Yos (I LIKE Yo-Yos!!)

In Sydney, Miss N was the only one who really liked them. Himself and I both thought they were a bit too dry and not quite flavour-full enough for us. That being said – I’m not really a museli bar fanatic. I would get them for Miss N though!

What are your favourite baby/kids products?



  1. Where do you get the Hello Kitty toothbrushes?? My girls would love them.

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