Windy weather, flight of fancy (or Miss E makes a kite)…

Crazy, CRAZY windy weather we’ve had the past few days. Wind like I have never known. Clothes dried on the line in minutes, but it took ages fighting with the clothesline to actually get them on!

We’ve spent most of the weekend indoors, doing a big Spring re-organise and just trying to avoid getting blown away.

Sunday morning, I’m guessing inspired by the wind, Miss E decided to draw a picture then wanted to make it into a kite. I assumed she meant a kite shape, so I showed her how to fold the corners in to create the kite shape. Then she wanted it taped down and told me she wanted to fly it, so I found some ribbon (recovered in the Spring cleanup) and added it on. I’ll be honest I wasn’t really expecting it to do much, but thought it would be nice to hang on her bedroom wall!

Miss E made a kite...

Kite back

Sorry for the blurry picture – a little someone was too excited to keep it still!

She took it outside with her Daddy and the wind did pick it up!

Kid made kite

She had a ball. She played with it on and off for most of the day, coming in and out of the house as the wind got too strong for her. A couple of times there were tears as it blew off on her and I had to do a mercy dash across the block to retrieve it both times. I also expected it to fall apart, it didn’t! Win all around!

Fly kite fly

So anyone wondering what to do in this weather, grab a sheet of construction paper, get the kids to do a drawing on it, fold and tape down your kite shape and tape some ribbon, and let them loose (not literally because that will cause one sad child)! They are able to do it themselves as there isn’t lots of string to get caught up in, and it wont get caught up in any trees. It is a great way to teach kids about weather conditions and how wind can pick up objects and help them fly!

And for anyone doubting just how windy it has been down here – see the red thing in the tree? That’s Master O’s swing. Nobody will be swinging on that one for some time!

Kite day!


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