Spring has Sprung!

Well Spring has well and truly erupted in all it’s glory in the Southern Honey You Baked household.
The first two days of Spring that we enjoyed over the weekend were sunny blue skies and the odd wispy cloud.
That’s not to say the weekend hasn’t had its challenges…
Saturday morning we all got organised and went to Miss E’s dance class. We got there early (unheard of) she had time to play with the other girls until the teachers were ready. They had a ball running around.
When it came time to go to the middle and start, Miss E just didn’t want to. Refused. Wouldn’t let me take her over and even join in. So we sat there and watched with her and kept checking if she wanted to join in. No! For the whole class she refused. Even when Master O attempted to steal the show and join in (which we thought might have kicked her into action, like him playing with ‘her’ toys does). But no.
It came to the end of class.
All the girls got their sticker for joining in, except for Miss E. No Goofy sticker (teachers have just returned from a trip to the USA including both Disney Resorts – jealous!). Then she kicked up a stink. Said she wanted HER sticker. (I’m sure the girls would have given her one, but there was no way I was letting her have one if she didn’t participate).
I carried her out, kicking and screaming which then set Master O off and I’m pretty sure we looked like child abducters. Miss E screamed for 20 minutes straight. Then, as she does after a massive tanty, she turns on all her manners as if nothing has happened.
This week we have had huge tantrums. I got a call from her daycare on Tuesday asking if we’d pick her up early because she had been crying non-stop and they couldn’t work out why except to say that she was saying her mouth hurts. They couldn’t see any cause if it. She apparently cried for 30 minutes. When I got there she was still a bit upset and clingy, but she couldn’t explain why her mouth hurt. By the time we got home and got her a bit more settled she was fine, she sucks on her fingers a lot, I suspect she might have tripped while she had them in her mouth and maybe grazed the roof of her mouth.
Suffice to say, I think she is going through a growth spurt. Incredibly emotional, and voracious appetite. I cannot seem to fill her with food.
Does anyone else’s children have emotional ups and downs/increased tantrums during growth spurts?
Aside from the almost four/going on sixteen year old, we had a great weekend.
Lots of outdoor time, watering the plants, playing with balls, bubbles, feeding the sheep and baby lamb (who I wanted to call Jesus, since he all of a sudden just turned up in the paddock one day, the other sheep – mother and son – were definitely not pregnant, certainly an immaculate conception) next door.


Father’s Day was spent visiting Dad (while A1 helped Miss Mixotrophy and her hubbie, A2 move furniture around to enable them to get their nursery set up), then lunch from one of the Fish & Chip punts at Constitution Dock. I didn’t mind waiting around for my lunch to cook on a day like this…



We took our lunch up to the Centotaph and let the kids run and eat, run and eat and watch the big kites floating in the breeze, while just soaking up the sun…


Perfect weekend, it felt like more than two days. How was everyone else’s first weekend of Spring (or Autumn for the Northern Hemisphere?)



  1. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a great weekend. I have a 16 month – going on 16 here too! Never a dull moment lol

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