Super Sandwiches

I love a good sandwich.  Beautiful fresh bread, yummy fillings, fresh herbs – Nothing Better!

How about a quick bite?    The possibilities are endless!!!

My personal favourite is what I call the “Gourmet Sanga”.  Loads of good egg mayo, leg ham, cheese, tomato, avocado and stacks of fresh basil leaves if you have them.  YUUUM!

I also love it with chicken instead of ham.  Leftover roast chicken is tops!  Find a good recipe for that HERE.

The simple can of tuna can even be transformed for sandwich fillings.  Mix with some soft cream cheese, add a little cracked black pepper and sweet chilli sauce and hey presto!  Even kids will like that one!

The latest find of mine (blatently ripped off from a friend!) is shredded cooked chicken, egg mayo, basil and celery diced very finely. Amazing how something so easy could be soo tasty!!

What about using different breads?  Chuck out your regular loaf and try something else for a change!   This week I tried a new take on the basic ham & cheese.  I added a bit of Avo for good measure and stuffed it all on a leftover Garlic Naan.  OMG.  Instant garlicly hit!  What a sensation!!   (N.B – Naans are easy to make – check out the recipe here).

You can also think outside the square sandwich and try something like this stuffed baguette I made a while back.  Its really easy, looks fabulous and tastes DIVINE (if I do say so myself!).

Its time to stop the boring sandwich phenomenon!  School lunchboxes, work snacks and even party platters should be made interesting and fun by swapping out your regular boring sandwich for something a little different.  I promise eveyone will thank you!

So, Sandwiches seem to be simple, sounds like someone should shoot out and share some??



  1. A friend invited me for lunch yesterday and served BLT with sunripened homegrown tomatoes on whole grain bread, it was fab.

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