Champions Read!

This week is Australian Childrens Book Week.  This year the theme is “Champions Read!”  which I think is very fitting since we LOVE books at our place and I do have a house of little champions:)

Miss N is now reading very well herself and loves to play teacher with Miss Z and read stories to her.  She is graduating up to reading harder books by herself (with less pictures) and even though she still gets stories read to her at night – its great to know she is able to do it herself.  The only bad thing about that is that we can no longer skip parts of long stories or leave sections out – she can tell!

Her favourites at the moment are the Magic Ballerina series by Darcey Bussell.  Santa brought her the box set last Christmas and we have been reading a chapter or two a night since.

I have started taking Miss Z to the library for Baby Bounce – which is like a toddler version of storytime and she loves it!  Her favourite thing to do with books at the moment is turn the pages.  Doesn’t matter if its a proper book, a magazine or a catalogue that came in the mail!  She is into Owls, Cows and Puppies and knows the sounds so gets very excited when one pops up in a story!

She was given a set of Spot Books for her first birthday and they are brilliant!  She loves the Spot Stories (who doesn’t) and gets very upset when I won’t let her rip/turn the pages.  I plan to keep this collection perfect for her when she gets older…one day I’m hoping she’ll thank me:)

I saw a great idea on the net this last week about using a book as a great keepsake for kids.  I’ve decided to do it for my girls and what better time to start than book week?!  I purchased two copies of Dr Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” and the plan is to get the girls’ teachers, each and every year, to write a small message inside for them (I think Parent Teacher Interviews would be a good reminder – you wouldn’t forget!)  and then the book will then be given to the girls as part of a High School graduation gift, something for them to take off to University or keep as a reminder of all the things they can acheive.

I have a photocopy of a Dr Seuss quote ( I had thought it was from the book but it may not be) that Miss N coloured in for me when she was younger.  It hangs above my desk in my office and reminds me why I love books so much…


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