Wordly Wednesday – Bean, Corn & Spinach Quesadillas

I made awesome Bean, Spinach & Corn Quesadillas the other day. They are from Susan Austin’s book Frostbite, which I am totally in love with. Its full of freezer friendly recipes and it’s my new saviour as you probably all know by now how much I love to pre-make meals.

The kids absolutely gobbled them up, and since A1 was away for work, I got to stay home and eat them, and I declare them delicious! Even better, you can make them up ready to go and then freeze them for a quick and easy lunch or light dinner…

Go and grab yourself this cookbook, you will not be disappointed! The recipe is on page 51.

First step is to wilt your spinach in the microwave, remove excess moisture from it, then fry some onion and garlic. Add corn (I used tinned), tomato paste, and water. Then stir through the spinach.



Spread tortillas with refried beans (I accidentally picked up chilli ones, but this made it really tasty and it wasn’t too hot for the kids), add your corn/spinach mixture and top with cheese.



I pan fried them one at a time and cut them into wedges. The kids had them with some sour cream for dipping.




  1. YUM YUM!!! I even have all the stuff in my fridge for this! Its a winner dinner!!:) Dx

  2. YUM!!

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