Snap happy shoppers!

I’m pretty sure even those of us who love grocery shopping (that’s me, by the way, I look forward to it) have a bit of a groan at the thought of doing the groceries with the kids. I tend to pack a toy or two and snacks to stop them from attempting to jump out of the trolley (Miss E) or grab everything off the shelves (Master O) or just complain that they are hungry the whole way around even though we just ate (both of them).
Then there is the equivalent of the road trip mantra (“Are we there yet? Can I have an ice-cream puhleeaase?”) though in this case it’s “Are we finished yet? Can I have a chocolate egg (Kinder Surprise)?” or the absolute worst “I need to go to the toilet” – which is generally uttered after your trolley is at least half full and you have picked out your frozen goods…

It really isn’t a bundle of fun.
This week I did the usual, some snacks, toy etc. I had made a crucial error though. I had already dragged them to the bank and another store beforehand.
Miss E was over it. So after a few aisles of incessant whingeing, I handed her my iPhone. She was looking through the photos, so I suggested she take some photos. Genius!

Thirty shots later (and no more whingeing), I had finished shopping, and was looking through the pictures. I won’t bore you with all of them, there were lots and even though she uses the camera often, she is only 3 and a half so most of them were of her feet, her finger over the lens etc. Although, some weren’t bad!

There is the rare in-focus shot (foodstuffs – that’s my girl!)…


Some are of favourite things that caught her attention (Oooh Grug/Tinkerbell!)



Some are juicy…


Some are of the back of my old workmate…


And some are just plain trippy!




And she didn’t ask me once for a kinder surprise – win!

So here’s what I’m thinking to help make shopping trips less trying. Hand over your smart phone (on airplane mode so they cant ring people/chew up your itunes credit etc.) or even a digital camera. Encourage them to take photos of the produce/colours/lights etc.

If you’d like to share the results with us, I’ll set up a folder on our Facebook page – upload their best shot/shots, and leave a comment with the photo, including your child’s age. If we have more than ten different people entering* I’ll sort out a little prize for our favourite entry!

*We’ll close entries on September 10th 2012…



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