A bedroom hideaway…

Ever since we purchased this Ikea Fabler bed canopy when Miss E was a baby, I’ve been thinking up uses for it.
We moved from a little unit we rented into a house that we rented from friends, around a month before E was born. But we were so excited we had set up the cot (just in case she came really early and had the bed canopy enveloping the cot.

When we moved into our friends’ rental, we didn’t want to put holes in the roof and were concerned anyway about the possibility of Baby E getting caught up in the net.
I always meant to set it up when she moved into a bed, but still didn’t like the safety aspect of it.

Then I decided on creating a reading nook in her room. A little area for quiet time, hiding, her own space. Finally A1 and I did it (well A1 mostly – since he did the screwing of the hook into the ceiling etc). I did set up the cushions, blankets, sheepskin etc and reorganize her room so everything fit though, so I have SOME claim on it!

So, this is it. Ikea Fabler bed canopy, her red Ikea circle rug, a few cushions and soft fur blanket and a sheepskin to make it all comfy and cozy. All I need now is a cone of silence to fit to it…


Her books are stored right next to it in a Freedom Furniture wardrobe organiser that I bought not long after she was born.

I sat in there with her on my lap and read her stories last night. It really was relaxing! I’d love to see some other reading/relaxing nooks. What special areas have you created in your home?




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