How to Decorate a Rosette Cake

Now.  I’m the first person to admit my piping skills are not the best however I promise you, this cake is so easy to do!!!    Have a go, I swear you will surprise even yourself!  Its cute and a little bit vintage.  You could even use a store bought cake and icing – no one will know!!!


A Cake.  (Pick a cake, any cake)

A Star piping tip (and a coupler if you use those – I never bother)

A piping bag

Buttercream of choice


Start by giving your cake a crumb coat.  This is just a layer of buttercream over the whole cake which gives it a nice smooth finish.  My cake was a bit thin so I added a middle layer of buttercream too, just to give it a little extra height.

Pop your tip into your piping bag, fill with buttercream.  You want the icing to be smooth and thin enough so it comes easily out when you pipe it.

You want to place one rosette right in the middle of the cake on the top.  This will just give you a point of reference to work with. Obviously, the size of your rosttes will vary depend on the size of your cake and the tip size you choose.  I have used an 8″ cake and a #11 tip (which is fairly large, so my roses will be large).

To pipe your roses, you need to pipe in a flat circular anti-clockwise motion.  This means your icing will lie flat on the cake and not be piled on top of itself (as you would do with a cupcake).  How big you want your roses is up to you.   I hope you get the idea from the  picture!

Pipe the centre top rose first, as i mentioned.  then you will get the idea if you can do one or two rows of roses on the top of the cake.  Remember if you stuff up, its only buttercream and you can always wipe it off and start again.

Next, do the roses on the sides of the cake in the same way, turning the cake each time so you are always piping right in front of you.

Stand back and admire.  If you have empty spots between some roses, you can just add a swirl of buttercream to fill it in.  Just remember to go in the same direction as the rose next to it so it blends in.

A perfect treat for any mum!



  1. That’s gorgeous D! I’m totally going to try it 🙂

  2. Ali Bridger says:

    This looks beautiful. I did have a giggle at the ad below the final photo of your yummy cake… “Diabeties diet planner”. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous cake! And looks pretty delicious also 🙂 Al x

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