Storytime for little ones

Master O is FINALLY getting into books. He’s always been the one to listen to one or two pages and then wander off. Miss E is quite partial to this arrangement as she then gets extra lap time and more stories read to her. However, now things are changing and the other day, Master O would listen to a story, then jump off my lap and run to find another book for me to read to him. We ended up with a right mess of a bookshelf and 10 books at my feet!

I thought I would share some of his favourites at the moment. As a guide he is now 16 months old…

This first one is actually a favourite of both Master O and Miss E and was given to Oliver for his birthday from the beautiful Miss Millie and Mrs Smyth…

In my tree by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich

‘In My Tree’ (by Sara Gillingham & Lorena Siminovich) is a sweet story about a little owl and his cozy home and family. The thing that the kids love best though is that the owl is a little finger puppet attached to the book. They think its awesome when the little owl moves about! There are three other books in the series (In My Pond, In My Nest, In My Den). The pages are sturdy and thick (and colourful) and they would make a beautiful present for a baby or first birthday gift.

That's not my dinosaur...

The next two are common picks for kids these days, but their simple formula keeps kids coming back for more. Two books from the ‘That’s not my…’ series from Usborne (by F. Watt & R. Wells).

That's not my lion...

I love these books because they are hardy and teach children about different sensations. They work for different age groups – Miss E at 3.5 still loves to point out the mouse on each page. Master O, just loves feeling all the different textures in his two favourites – ‘That’s not my lion…’ and ‘That’s not my dinosaur…’ .

Spot's Noisy Car by Eric Hill

‘Spot’s Noisy Car’ (by Eric Hill), is indeed noisy. Master O loves pressing the button to make Spot’s Car go Toot, toot, toot. I love the fact that it is on loan and can go back to the library soon. I jest (well only slightly), because I do love Spot books, whenever I see a picture of Spot it takes me right back to the steps of the reading well in our school library, positioning myself just under the box of ‘H’ books so I could read through all the Spot books that they had. So I am really excited that my children love Spot too.

Before I go to sleep

‘Before I go to sleep’ (by Ronne Randall and Tony Kerins) with its dreamy illustrations, always makes me just want to curl up and go to sleep too. I think it’s probably a mix of the book and the smell of warm milk and Master O’s hair too which contributes to my blissful state. It’s a great bedtime story as we are lead through the little boy’s night time routine and then get to say goodnight to everything and everyone along the way (including the ducks, moon, stars etc.)

Hopefully there are some new reads for your little ones amongst those. I’d love it if you shared your children’s favourite books by commenting below. Sweet dreams!



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    Chocolate poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooœp

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