Pirate Girl Costume – On the Cheap and Very Cheerful – Aharrr!!

Ahaarrr me hearties!  You’ll be hearing correctly aharrr!  This Mama has a pirate costume to be makin’ in 3 days!!  Ahem. Sorry.  No more Pirate talk I promise:)

Miss N came home from school on Monday with an invite to her maties’ Pirate party on friday night. Needless to say I have issues:

Firstly – its a 6th Bday Party, at Hungry Jacks, at 5pm on a Friday night.  WT???? Maybe i’m not like normal parents but my girls are in bed by 6pm every night (or pretty close to it).  I really don’t see how friday evening is a good time for a kids’ party.  They are 6 not 16!!!

Secondly – how the hell was I suppost to come up with a suitable pirate costume in 3 days??  A “girly” Pirate Costume mind you – Miss N was VERY specific about that.  The hat had to be red and white spot. The skull and crossbones had to have a bow.

I spent a while trawling the net for piratey inspiration and got the idea for a cute pirate girl dress.  Miss N was happy and so was I, as she already had some things in her wardrobe. Black Knee Boots? Check! Red Tights? Check! All the other things I had to buy could be re-used later for normal purposes and so hardly any money was wasted.  So off I went to Kmart and the discount stores and had a good hunt and gather for the cheapest possible way to make what  she wanted.

I made a few design changes along the way as I needed to keep to the re-use idea and the budget (as less as possible).  I initially planned to sew the dress, however I would have had to purchase the black material I needed and that was going to be more than the cost of re-fashioning a cheapy item from the stores – so that won out in the end.

What I ended up with was:

A Toy Sword (make from foam so no nasty bruises to the other kids) – $3 and then given to the dress up bin.

A girls long sleeve white T Shirt – $4.  An absolute bargain and Miss N needed a new one anyway.

1 x Ladies size 8 black stretchy singlet – $5.  Mummy now gets a funky singlet after the party.

Skull & Crossbones Iron ons – Free

Red Spot Scarf for head kerchief thingo – $5.  Into Mum’s wardrobe it goes!

Pirate Eye Patch – free

About a metre of red belt cord type stuff (I’ve no idea what its called – sorry! Its sort of like flat woven braid.  The type of thing belts are made of??) – $.39c/mtre

Firstly, I attached the skull & crossbones picture to some white scrap material and cut around it.  I then used some Heat N Bond to make it into an Iron On transfer.     This was then stuck on to the bottom corner of the black singlet top – our “dress”.  I then went over the top with a black permenant marker and added the detail. I coloured in the pink bow with a highlighter.  For some strange reason my Heat N Bond didn’t actually Heat or Bond (no idea what happened there) so in the end I had to quickly run around the edges of the appliqué with black cotton straight stitch.  It looks a bit dodgy, however adds (in a strange way) to the whole rough n ready pirate look – so it was all OK:)

Next I made an eye patch with some other black scrap material and some 1/2inch w black elastic.  I cut x 2 of the template shown here, and sewed straight stitch around the ages with the elastic in between.

Lastly, I threaded the strip of belt material through the belt buckle and used it as a sash around the waist of the dress.  I didn’t stitch this on, I just tied it at the back in a bow.  BTW – I know its wrong in the picture!  Took me a few goes to figure out how it worked:)

So – me matey’s!  That is how its done.  Fast, Easy, Cheap and totally recyclable!  Move Over Jack Sparrow!

P.S – What Shivers at the bottom of the Ocean?  A Nervous Wreck!

P.P.S – Why did the Pirate cross the road?   To get to his carrrr!



  1. Love it! Miss N looks mighty piratey!

    To err is human, to arrrrr is Pirate…

  2. I love it. I just found out about an event going on this saturday that I am going to take my 2 yr old daughter to and i came across this page while I was searching for ideas for a home made pirate costume for her. I dont think she will leave the eye patch on but the rest will work. How did you make the sword ??

    • Aha! (Aharrrr!) Julie I cheated! I bought the sword for $2 from my local variety store. It was made of spongy material so not quite so dangerous!
      I’m sure toy stores etc would have cheap ones too.
      Enjoy the party!

  3. This is great, thank you. My daughter has World Book Day next week and they need to be dressed as pirates, so this is perfect 🙂 x

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