Rainy Sunday Afternoon…

What a wet weekend it’s been. I’ve been looking at people’s pictures on Instagram of beaches and sun etc. It rained here. It was cold here…

BK (Before Kids), I would love an excuse to snuggle up on the couch with a good book or movie. I think we all know that with young children that’s a thing of the past… I groan when I see forecasts of rainy days, as both my kids LOVE to be outdoors and get a bit stir crazy when cooped up all day.

So what did we do today? Well, it was rainy and cold, and quite miserable at times here. We took one look at the mountain (well actually, the mountain was not to be seen, it was hiding behind a thick cover of cloud), our weather app, and decided to embrace it – knowing there would be snow behind those clouds.
We dug out our ski jackets and beanies, layered up the kids and headed to the mountain.
We didn’t tell Miss E where we were going, but she guessed it pretty early (she’s been asking to go up (and up and up and UP!!) the mountain for a couple of months now, but timing and snow haven’t been on our sides. So today was the day!

We couldn’t get all the way up but got to gate 4 at The Springs. Miss E loved it straight away! Being the Peppa Pig fan that she is, it didn’t take her long to find some muddy slushy puddles to jump in…

Master O wasn’t sure but got the hang of it pretty quickly!

While we were up there we had windy times, snowy times and sunny times, all in the space of an hour or slightly less.
We made a snowman. Miss E wondered why I didn’t have a carrot with me – we had to make do…

They both had a blast, and then wet and tired we headed back to the car. I’m so glad I layered them with clothes, I took off their outer trousers and tops and they were warm and dry within a couple of minutes back in the car.

Back home, Miss E and I made Duplo castles, and made a game of putting the blocks away again when we finished. We picked a colour each and raced to get them back into the box. Sometimes we count them too.

And Master O played his favourite game of late. Pulling things in and out of a tissue box. Great game. He can shake it, tip it, we can name things as they are pulled out, talk about their shape or colour; count them; and ask him to put things back in within a certain order. Lots of simple little skills.


While Master O napped, I did actually manage to indulge for a bit. Miss E watched The Aristocrats, and I laid on the other couch wrapped up in a blanket, finishing off a book I’d been reading. So it does happen occasionally, just not in peace and quiet!

How do you indulge?



  1. How fun! I like to indulge by waking up early and head out for a morning of yard & estate sales. I will occasionally take the kiddos with me, But going on my own with a side of coffee or tea & then coming home to my husband caring for the children, & cooking or already cooked breakfast, is a real treat! (Hugs) Ivy Jane

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