A Spruce Up, A Clean Out and Loads of Tips & Tricks For Your Home!!

We are in the depths of winter here in Sunny Sydney (LOL).  I am sick of the cold, the rain and the disgustingness that Winter brings and I’m thinking ahead to the gloriousness that will be Spring.  With it however, comes the inevitable Spring Clean and Clear Out Fest (I can hear Himself arguing already – he hates chucking stuff out! ).

Over the winter we have had an attack of the damp and since we are in a rental place, the owners had to cough up for the fixin’.  Thankfully they did and (hopefully, when its warm) we shall now see the end to the misery of mouldy stilletoes (oh how I cried!) and stinky smelly rooms. I spent a good while outside cleaning shoes and bags and boots and had to leave my darlings in the sun all day to finish them off.  Unfortunatley, 2 pairs of knee high boots, two handbags and a cap were all lost to the damp attack.  One pair ( my favourite red lace up stillettoe knee highs) were so far gone they were actually falling apart as I tried to clean them.  I’ve never been quite so upset.   There are lots of reasons for this grossness, but I think rule #1 is don’t cram too much stuff in your wardrobe.  Clothes need air flow!  I think I see a bedroom makeover coming on!!

I must let you in on a little secret.  I LOVE spring cleaning.  The thought of a good chuckout session makes me giggle with anticipation.    I found a few books at my local library a while back and have since purchased every title when I can find it cheap (never said I wasn’t a cheapskate!).  Shannon Lush and Jennifer Flemming have written several awesome titles including SPOTLESS, SAVE – Your Money, Your Time, Your Planet (Inspired uses for common household items) and How to Be Comfy (Hundreds of tips to make your house a home).  I also am a serial collector of all sorts of groovy household tips and tricks on Pintrest, Simple Savings, Via Email and even from magazines.  They all inspire me in several zillion different ways to get in there and scrub, wash, dust, clear, clean and chuck all the useless, grotty and grimy grossness from my house until the whole thing shines like a brand spanking new $2 coin.

I thought today I may share some of these with you.  Places to look for inspiration, Helpful Hints, Organising and Clear Out Ideas.  All sorts of groovy stuff to help you on that track to a beautifully serene and serendipitis home for Spring.  So Look, Read, Search…and Enjoy!!

www.SimpleSavings.com.au – Not Just for Grannies, nor just for Aussies either!  This site will suck you in with its tips and tricks and information on pretty much any subject of saving money you please.  The Fee is more than worth it. I have been a member for 3 years now and LOVE IT.

Shannon Lush & Jennifer Flemming – check out their titles in your local library or buy online.  Awesome!  Loads of great Info.

A must read of super groovy ideas from DIY Home Sweet Home Blog.  I’ll be using a lot of these!!

www.flylady.net  Sometimes this site is hard to navigate however lots of great info and some good habits to get into.

www.organizedhome.com  A great site with lots of good tips and fabulous free printables.

www.orgjunkie.com  Top Tips here and a great shop with useful stuff.


Read it? Like it? Hated it? - we welcome you to leave a comment!

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