Boules de Neige and a Thermomix recipe

Today we are sneaking in a guest post from Miss Mixotrophy for this months Sweet Adventures Blog Hop. This months theme?

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop - Nuts About Nuts

This months blog hop is hosted by Nic over at Dining with a Stud and her Peanut Brittle Semi-freddo looks amazing! So for now its over to the fabulous Mixotrophy who has a Christmas (in July) treat to share for both Thermomix and regular mixer users (like me)… Yum!

I just love baking little sweet treats so when this month’s theme of nuts was announced my mind was spinning! Biscotti? Nougat? Macarons? Friands? Stollen? Semi fredo? Chocolate pecan tarts? Cherry and almond tarts? These last two would have also fitted well with last month’s theme.
Given that I have been absolutely flat out preparing for the Hobart Thermomix in Australia Christmas in July cooking class, I thought that I’d be clever and combine my preparations for the cooking class with baking for the blog hop!
As well as baking little sweet treats, another love of mine is a good espresso. Usually I find that it’s best to combine the two 🙂
So, with a copy of Margaret Fulton Christmas in hand (which is also available on the App Store by the way – here. I set about finding the easiest looking pretty Christmas sweet treat that would go well with coffee!
According to the source of all sources (Wikipedia), petit fours are pretty little sweets that are normally eaten after a meal, with coffee or as part of dessert. My kind of thing! Soooooo, Christmas + Sweet Treat + Espresso = Petit Fours!
Boules de Neige look amazing, taste divine and are very easy to make. With a Thermomix, you can even mill your own nutmeal in seconds! For my Thermomix version of this recipe, head on over to the Thermomix Recipe Community.

Boules de Neige (Snowballs)
Original recipe from Margaret Fulton Christmas
• ¼ C ground almonds
• ¼ C ground hazelnuts
• ¾ C icing sugar, plus extra for dusting
• 1 egg white
• Preheat oven to 160˚C. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Combine ground nuts, sugar and egg white together in a large bowl to make a firm paste that can be rolled by hand.
• Divide the mixture into pieces the size of large hazelnuts. Roll each ball in sifted icing sugar to coat thickly. Arrange on the baking tray and bake for about 10 minutes, until well puffed.
• Cool and transfer to paper cases to serve. Store in an airtight container.

Honey You Baked presents Boules de Neige by Mixotrophy

Serve as a petit four with coffee, after dinner or as part of a special morning or afternoon tea. Boules de Neige also make lovely gifts – package them in cellophane bags, in little treat boxes or in paper cases (mini muffin cases work well).

I doubled the recipe and it made about 30. I used quite large eggs and found that with the full amount of egg white added, the mixture was too runny so I added more almond meal and icing sugar to get the right consistency. I also found that they needed a bit longer than 10 minutes to cook so just keep an eye on them. Either my oven isn’t quite as hot as I think, or I might have got bit carried away when rolling them and made walnut sized balls rather than hazelnuts 🙂

Boules de Neige



  1. Love almonds and hazelnuts so I know I will love these little cookies, would use less sugar though as I do not like very sweet cookies.

    • Hi Norma, yes they really are a very sweet biscuit 🙂 Not that I mind that of course! They’re only little and they go very well with a good espresso. I reckon you could certainly substitute some of the sugar for extra nutmeal though, just play around with the ratios so that you get the right consistency for rolling. I’d love to hear how you go!

  2. Oh I need to get a Thermomix 🙂 Sorry about the mix up – the hop seems to have closed early. I have reopened if you’d like to submit again?

  3. They look divine!! Time to start practicing and testing pre-Christmas! Hey – any excuse to eat sweet treats! ‘o) I’m not able tohave regular icing sugar so will create icing sugar from fruit sugar in my oh so tres fantastique Thermie!

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