A thrilling Sunday arvo in Accident & Emergency…

Sunday lunchtime saw me preparing a lamb roast for the slow cooker. The lovely Amy at Mrs Smyth Gets A Life put me onto a slow cooked lamb leg recipe so I figured today was the day – Sunday Roast and all…


I was about to take more photos to share with you when I heard cries outside. A1 came rushing in with Miss E in his arms and blood on her face. She had tripped over outside just in front of a milk crate and smacked her cheek on the corner.
One look at the flap made me think that it wouldn’t heal without a scar if we did a home fix on it, so it was a case of chucking the prepared roast in the slow cooker, bundling the family in the car with calls to the doctor on the way. The after-hours doctors suggested going straight to the hospital as the doctor there wouldn’t stitch up a young child due to risks of reaction to locals.

Thankfully we had already been out that day so had a bag ready still containing nappies, drink bottles,snacks etc. Miss E was so very brave and after a few minutes in the car with my iPhone to distract her, she calmed down. Master O took longer – he always gets upset when she does – such a kind little soul…

We spent the afternoon in the waiting room, a lovely nurse cleaned up the wound a bit and gave her some Panadol and then we had to settle in for the wait to get stitched or glued up. A1 and Master O came in and out – they had to go home and put water in the slow cooker which I had forgotten to do in the rush!

It was a busy day in there and I think at about 5pm, we got taken in to get fixed up. We met a lovely nurse called Rose. She was wonderful. Due to how busy they were she advised that there was no chance of her getting stitched up that day, and wasn’t 100% about gluing it due to the way the cuts met up. She gave Ella her iPhone to play with and them later swapped it for an iPad so she could take photos of the laceration and send it through to a plastics specialists for confirmation on whether it would heal ok being glued. She told us that she would only do what she would feel comfortable to have done to her daughter and put me at total ease (I did get a bit teary!)

Plastics man came back with an A-OK for gluing – yay! 10 minutes later she is happily eating a freddo!

I was so proud of my beautiful girl. No tears at the hospital at all. The staff were able to seal up her cheek as she was happy to sit still for them and let them get the job done.

I dont think we would have gotten through the day so easily without the distraction of electronic items. Yay for iPhones and iPads!

So thanks to Counting Bees app for distracting her on the way to hospital – I also have this app to thank for her being able to count from 1-10 in Spanish. Such a cute little app from Pi’ikea Street – check it out!


Other favourites throughout the day…
Angry Birds, Dora & the Crystal Kingdom, Duck Duck Moose’s Draw & Tell and Little Princess (even I love playing the dress-ups part of this app, I just wish there was more of her talking in it – her accent cracks me up)…


I’m so thankful that my beautiful girl is ok. I’m thankful that we have a good hospital system in Australia, where much of the care is free. I’m thankful for the stash of sterile dressings that A1 had put aside from last year’s hospital stay when I had Master O, as I really need to get a proper well-stocked first aid kit!

And Miss E – well she walked out of the hospital and said “I’m very lucky, I got a chocolate…”
Yes you read it right, a lacerated cheek, 4 and a half hours in a hospital waiting room, all the while not allowed to eat or drink (our usual method of distraction), and an eventual glued-up cheek, and she’s happy because she got a chocolate!

I love my girl!



  1. Wowsers, what a turbulent day! I’m so glad Miss E is all glued up & okay now!! xx

  2. library geek in trainingAllison says:

    I love her too….such a brave little chicken!!

  3. Glad your little girl is OK, what a day.

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