Worldly Wednesday – Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip

I’ll bet you looked at this title and said “Bacon Double Cheeseburger Dip??!! Oh Yeah!!”.    Don’t feel bad – its just what I did!  Again, being on Pintrest and saw this recipe from Closet Cooking  – it nearly did my head in.

Long Long Ago, in a house far far away (before kids, mortgages and health concerns) Himself and I used to be regular lovers of the Pizza “2 for Tuesday” deals.  Bacon Double Cheeseburger was ALWAYS one of the 2!!  Its the combination of flavours I love. meats, wostershire sauce, mayo, cheese….oh its heavenly. Off the chart in terms of fat intake – but hey you only live once!

As usual I have slightly changed the recipe to suit myself, however at its core its still very similar.  Awesome with crunchy toasty bread, or on a wrap with some salad.  Its even great (according to those at Miss Z’s bday the other week) with cheese corn chips aswell!!   The only tip I have for you is Go Easy.  Its very rich!!


1/2 kilo beef mince

4-6 streaky bacon rashers, chopped

1 x onion, diced. (I used brown today as you can see in the pics, however I used red when I made it for Miss Z’s party – they both work out great).

3 x cloves garlic, crushed

150g Cream Cheese

150g Sour Cream

150g Whole egg mayo

Approx 8 sloshes of Wostershire sauce

Pepper to taste

A small sprinkle of dried oregano

A good squirt of tomato sauce OR a few big spoonfuls of a good tomato chutney

A good handful of grated cheddar cheese (or mozza, or both – whatever you have)


Preheat your oven to hot – 200DegC

In a frypan, fry your onion and garlic on a med heat until for a few minutes.

Add your bacon and fry till crispy.  Transfer to an oven proof dish.

Next, cook your mince and when done, drain most of the fat off (if there is any – depends on what grade of mince you buy).

Add to baking dish.

In another jug/bowl, mix together the cream cheese, sour cream, mayo, woster sauce, pepper and grated cheese.  Taste!!

Pour into the baking dish and fold in well.

Sprinkle some extra cheese over the top and pop into your oven at 200DegC for about a half hour, or until the top crisps up a bit and the edges are bubbling.

Serve out while still hot and ensure you take some first – ’cause trust me when I tell you it won’t be there when you get back!!!


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