Splish splash glow fun in the bath!

This one is the simplest ways to have bath time fun for your kids. I’ve seen various pins of this on Pinterest, but have been unable to track down the original, but I think it’s a fantastic idea!

This is how you do it…

  • Take two kids or 1 or 10 (though you may have to take it in shifts for that many – Mr Archimedes was onto something when he realised you can’t fit too many people in a tub)…
  • A cool Winter’s night (cause quite frankly this works way better in Winter when it’s dark outside, and there’s nothing better than a warm bath before bed)…
  • A bath ready and waiting with warm water – and bubbles if you like (bubbles aren’t optional in this household, it’s the one thing that we do badly in regards to our waste treatment system, but since we are pretty good on every other regard, we figure the kids shall have bubbles!)
  • A pack of glow sticks – we had the ones with the attachments so you can turn them into bangles * be careful with the joiners around small children, they could be a choking hazard
  • A darkened room – its incredible how much the glow sticks actually light up the room too. I did light a candle though as well
  • The kids LOVED this. Unfortunately, it probably means they are going to want a glow in the dark bath experience everytime now!

    Apologies for the picture quality. iPhone +Dark Room = crappy pictures…





    1. That is so cool! Will have to get glow sticks!

    2. mummasminimes says:

      That is so cool! Will have to buy some glow sticks!

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