10 of the best Freezer Friendly Meals

Several friends of mine are expecting at the moment and for one of them its her very first bub!

As a mum of 2 its good to know that I can share some helpful hints with her, even if they are not all taken on board.    We got talking freezer meals and  it got me to thinking that this is also a top tip for all of us, anytime.    Freezer Friendlies are great time savers and so I figured I would put together my top 10 list of my favourite freezables:)

Some Top Tips:

When freezing meals ensure you only freeze in meal size portions.  I freeze enough for 2 in each pack.

if you don’t have a good supply of tupperware or plastic containers, I suggest you visit you local discount shop and buy a stack of chinese containers.  The oblong shape ones are perfect freezer size, stack easily and hold just enough food for 2 people.  I can get a stack of about 10 for $2.

Cook Extra.  If you are making something like these meals – just double the batch.  That way you have extra to freeze for later and it took no extra time or effort.

In no particular order we have:

1.  Curry. Any type is great. Top favourites in our house are Satay, Butter Chicken, Indian Korma, Thai Red Curry and Penang.

2. Cassaroles and similar things – think French Chicken Cassarole, Chilli Con Carne or Beef Stroganoff.  (Himself insists we use a can of champignons instead of regular mushrooms for this meal and I must say it does make it really lovely).

3. Pizza’s.  I make fresh bases, lay them in between layers of greasproof/baking paper and pop in a zip lock bag.  You could also make them fresh with toppings and freeze.

4. Pies and Sausage Rolls.  You can make big or small versions.  Cook up a big batch of your favourite filling, grab some pre-made pastry sheets and get going!   If you don’t have a mould, just make a pillow shape to hold the filling.

5. Slow cooker bags. As easy as pulling the bag out of the freezer, up-ending it into the slow cooker/pot and turning it on!  All you need do is put all your ingredients in the bag.  The meat, vegies, herbs and spices.  Just remember to write on the bag what it is before it goes in the freezer!!!

6. Bolegnese.  Everyones old favourites.  Makes anything and everything! Pasta Sauce, Spag Bol, Pie fillings.  You name it!  my MIL’s partner sticks them in freezer bags he calls “bombs”.  They Rock:)

7. Soups.  May your imagination know no bounds!  Anything from thick creamy pumpkin to minestrone to red curry with lime and noodles.

8. Meatballs/Hamburger patties/Koftas.  Make up a stack of them with fresh mince and freeze.  All that needs doing then is a quick fry and you have a quick and easy hamburger/kebab etc.

9. Garlic Bread.  Any bread will do.  We use leftover bread rolls, french baguettes, foccacia – anything.  Slice, slap on plenty of garlic butter and wrap in foil.  When you need it – just throw it straight in the oven!  Tops!

10. Pasta Bakes.  Plenty of recipies, plenty of ideas.  Tuna Bakes or even a simple Macaroni Cheese.  Cook as directed, and once in your oven proof dish, allow to cool, wrap and freeze.  Then its just a simple defrost and bake!!


Get Freezing People!!




  1. you’ve got some great ideas. I was just thinking about what to make for dinner without having to turn on the oven! I always forget about using a crock pot in the summer. Thanks!

  2. These are great ideas! Freezer Meals are a real sanity saver.

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