Outdoor painting fun – just add water

Outdoor painting just add water

So far this Winter in Tassie, we’ve had chilly, foggy mornings, which generally fine up into crisp, clear days. It is cold though, and the kids still like to get out and play and do activities. Miss E still wants to paint, and I must say I’m loathe to drag out the easel, set up the paints and paper etc as generally 5 minutes in she’s declaring its cold and either wants to run around or go back inside.

This is my go-to activity when she asks to paint and I’m too slack I don’t want to go through the whole rigmarole, its a 2 second set-up, and there is no clean-up. Plus its fabulous for Master O as there is no paint to pour over himself/eat/drink etc.

What You Need

  • A plastic cup
  • Paintbrushes – not your best ones
  • A hard surface – pavers, concrete, outdoor blackboard etc.
  • Water

The kids will love it!

Water painting

Having fun together

Budding artist


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