Its a mixed bag – containing cookies!!

Second Child Syndrome (SCS).   OK. I swear this is a real disease and I have it.    N:  “Forgetting you have a second child by not comitting their existence to film”.

Miss Z had her 1st Birthday Party last Sunday.  The bunting looked cute, the rain stayed away, the cookie wands were a massive hit, the mini cheese Kranky’s on the BBQ flew off the hotplate, the cake looked cute and tasted awesome and everyone had a lovely time.  It was only when the cake came out that Himself remembered to grab the camera. DUH.  That had to be handed off to a friend and so all we have is a few faraway pics of the half-finished dessert table and that’s about it.  SCS I tell you!!!!   Poor Miss Z will grow up with a complex.  Note to self: TAKE MORE PICTURES!!!

The next morning at 7am (bloody hell), the plumbing team and excavator turned up at our place to install a drain in the backyard.  All of my plants, planter boxes, raised garden beds etc had to be moved.  I feared going in the backyard lest I fall into the trench.  Since the fences and gates were open all day and our puppy has a bad habit of annoying people till they play with her, I had to babysit the dog inside for 2 days.  Far Out. It was worse that looking after kids!!!   The poor thing was so freaked out by the noise and change of scene she took to following me around all day.  She tripped us all over constantly and whined whever we left her alone.  My mum was staying with us and half way through the first day the dog decided to ignore me and only take orders from Gran.  Apparently she’s a pushover!!.  We now have a mud pit where our backyard used to be. In Winter. When it rains alot. Oh yay.

Miss N is on school holidays at the moment and I’ve not really had great ideas of how to entertain her.  She’s a bit of a freak and enjoys doing schoolwork in the holidays (or anytime actually, where she got THAT from – Himself and I have NO idea!!).  So when I found these little books in Kmart for the grand sum of $3 each I knew Id found a winner.  Maths is something she is working on and this book comes with awesome sticker rewards which is something that has always worked with her.  The “worksheets” (as I am calling them) start off fairly easy and get harder throughout the book.  It’s only aimed at 5-7yr olds so its well within her reach.  Fantastic.

We also found a pack of princess die cut shapes marked down to $2 which she spent the afternoon busily colouring, in preparation for it to be turned into princess bunting for her bedroom.  She loved the bunting I made for Miss Z’s party and wanted her own.   Great School Holiday Activity!!  Love Kmart:)

Finally, on Thursday arvo I decided on a failsafe, child friendly activity to keep us all entertained.  Its a cookie bake!!  Its also the worlds’ easiest cookie recipe. PLUS if you add in a $2 bag of mixed choccies you have super awesome cookies to share!  We bought Mixed Buddies, which are choc, caramel and white buds as well as freckles all in one bag.  Tops!

Best Buddy Cookies!


1 cup sugar

500g butter

1 tin sweetened condensed milk

5 cups SR Flour

1 x 325g bag Mixed buddies (minus a handful you had to test to make sure they were all OK:)


Preheat your oven to 180DegreesC

Line a few baking trays with baking paper (we used 6 in total – you may have to rotate!!)

Place your softened butter and sugar in your mixer and beat until pale and creamy (I use the flat paddle with the Kitchenaid)

Add your condensed milk and flour and mix in carefully (start on the lowest setting as the flour will go everywhere)

Once its all combined, pop in your chocolates and mix until just combined.  I alsways pop them in whole as I reckon you need BIG chunks of chocolate in cookies.  If a few break whilst mixing, its not a big deal.

Roll into balls and place on the trays leaving some spreading room.   Its up to you how big you want to make your cookies, however if you use teaspoon sised balls you can easily get approx 120 cookies from this recipe.  I normally make them bigger – at last count I think we got about 65.

Bake for approx 10-15mins until just golden.  Leave to cool before eating.

These are lovely, crumbly cookies.  You will love them!!!



  1. Vera and Daniel says:

    Happy Birthday Miss Z !!!

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