Gettin’ Crafty Tutorial – Baby Birthday Bunting

Another cute and very fast craft project especially done for Miss Z’s Bday!!

In saying that – it would also be a great project to whip up with your kids.  Its easily something they can do and it would be great fun!!  Any bedroom or cubby house decorated with a little home made bunting would look extra special!

I wanted something cute to pop around the edge of her high chair tray to make it look a little festive.  I just thought it may make the pictures a little nicer to look at:)

I am in love with bunting and thought I would have a go at making my own mini version out of paper.  All I needed was a metre or so…can’t be that hard – right?!!


Craft Paper (I used scrapbook paper, in colours to match our theme and invites)




Triangle template of sorts or a ruler:)


Layout your paper (coloured side down, you want to mark on the wrong side so it can’t be seen) and fold over so the coloured sides are together.    Lay your triangle template up against the fold.  I used a playdough cutter – Perfect size!!   Draw around.

Where the 2 triangles join on the fold, is a NO CUT LINE!    This will be your fold over the string. Hence why I put it against the paper fold – easier, quicker and less triangles to mark out.

Ensure you have enough triangles marked out in your coordinating colours, and get cutting:)

Next, lay out all your peices in a nice order on a large surface, making sure you are happy with it before you start.

When measuring your string, ensure you leave at least 10cm at each end so you can tie it up.  If you are making larger bunting to hang across a room or outdoors, you will need at least 30cm each end.

I left about 5cm of space between each bunting peice.  You could really have as many as you like.

Cut your string and lay it out along the table.  Take a bunting peice and place the string along the fold line.  Apply a good amount of glue to both INSIDE sections of the bunting peice and carefully fold it over the string, making sure you match up your edges.  Press firmly to hold.

I think it worked out really well.  I used one piece of scrapbook paper in each colour and that gave me enough for 2 bunting strings.  Once for the Highchair and one I can use elsewhere!



  1. […] in preparation for it to be turned into princess bunting for her bedroom.  She loved the bunting I made for Miss Z’s party and wanted her own.   Great School Holiday Activity!!  Love […]

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