Easy, no sew decor-matching hairclip organiser

Let it be known, I’m not much of a sewer. I think it stems from sewing class in school when I was cutting out a jumper but forgot I had the front half of the jumper behind the back half and cut a big hole through the middle of it. I just don’t have the sewing gene I think. And oh, how patient was my sewing teacher, always telling me I COULD sew really well, I just needed to apply myself. Yeah. Not so good at that.

In saying that we now have Dad’s sewing machine on temporary loan so I may get to work on a few projects I had in mind. I was totally going to make a cape for Miss ‘Super E’ but apparently A1 had the same idea…

Cross that one off the list!

So to an awesome, easy decoration project that requires no sewing, can be used to create a canvas that matches a room interior, or a few extra steps and you can create a cute hairclip holder.

  • Step 1 – head into the cornucopia that is Spotlight or your material provider of choice. Pick a material that suits your room decor. I picked up a horsey/woodland print that will fit in with E’s room. Pick a contrasting ribbon, not too thin and flimsy. Head on over to a discount store to pick up your square painting canvas – I got mine for $7, as well as thumb tacks – the metal ones with the flattish heads…


  • Step 2 – lay your material face down on a table and place your canvas face down in the middle.


  • Step 3 – fold one side of the material into one side of the canvas, and secure under the lip of the canvas by pinning into the wood frame with a thumb tack. Do the same in each corner – hospital corners are handy. I failed at hospital corners when I was in Army Reserves (on my recruit course, I got someone to do proper hospital corners for me, then I slept on top of the bed in my sleeping bag so I didn’t have to make my bed to bed inspection standards each day). So mine is a bit messy – but it doesn’t matter – no-one can see! Continue around all sides until it is all secured.


  • Step 4 – at this stage you have a canvas worthy of hanging. I made done apple ones for E’s nursery and I just used the 3m Velcro hanging strips with sticky backing to mount them to the wall…


  • Step 5 – if you want a hairclip holder, continue on… Measure your ribbon, so you have enough length to go down the front of the canvas and secure under the frame on each side. Run each ribbon along the front of the canvas and secure each side with the thumb tacks…


  • Step 6 – et voila! A pretty hairclip holder!


  • Step 7 – Add your clips… Now to find the pairs! (Amy Smyth – notice Miss E has stolen one of my owl clips – we are currently sharing, one each!)


We’re linking up for Mrs Smyth Creates over at Mrs Smyth Gets a Life – head on over for more crafty inspiration!



  1. That is a great idea and so easy!

    • Seriously easy, and a really nice way to create matching decor pieces… if I was a sewer I’d be buying up bulk and making matching doona/pillow case covers. Maybe I could stretch to a cushion cover!

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