Sweet Adventures: Sweet as Pie

It’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop time again – yay! This month is sweet as baby! Sweet as Pie!


So yet again Miss Mixotrophy and I got together for a crazy day of creating.

I’d visited Dad on the weekend and he’d kindly let me pilfer all manner of his garden produce and I’d come home with an array of fresh and frozen stuff, but most importantly for this post, fresh rhubarb (how I love thee) and frozen strawberries…

So it was only fitting that I made a pretty in pink Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie. I’d never made one before, so I had a look online at some recipes but decided to go my own way. I’m not much of a recipe creator, I started to weigh, measure etc but I tweaked all the way through. I will however, dear reader, do my best to pull it together for you though as the results were well worth it!

I’m also proud to say that the recipe is pretty well wholly local. The only exception being the sugar (sugar cane doesn’t grow so well in Tassie I believe – something about climate – pffft!) and the corn flour.

Firstly the pie crust. I based this purely on this Taste recipe but I added some wholemeal flour as well, feel free to just do all regular plain flour, I just had some wonderful Callington Mill flour to use and wanted to include it…

Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

1 1/4 cups plain flour
1 cup stoneground whole meal flour
1/3 cup caster sugar
175g unsalted butter, chilled, chopped
2 egg yolks
2 tablespoons chilled water

  • Process flour, sugar and butter until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs. Add egg yolks and chilled water. Process until dough just comes together
  • Turn dough out onto a lightly floured surface. Knead gently until smooth. Shape into a disc
  • Wrap in cling film (wrap it in a little bit more cling film than is required, it makes it easier when rolling out) and keep in the fridge until you are ready to roll it out for the pie tin

To blind-bake:

  • Preheat oven to 180C/160C fan-forced. Roll pastry while it’s still between the cling wrap (make life easy for yourself don’t use baking paper like the original recipe says, it’s a pain – slips everywhere) until 3mm thick.
  • Line base and side(s) of prepared dish or tin with pastry. Line pastry with uncooked rice, or pastry weights if you are fancy like Mixotrophy (this stops the pastry base rising during cooking).
  • Bake for 10 minutes. Remove rice or weights and paper. Bake for 10 minutes or until pastry is just golden. Crust is now ready to be filled.

Rhubarb and Strawberry Filling
1 bunch Rhubarb (I used 6 stalks) trimmed and chopped
100gm Strawberries (mine were frozen, so I cut the bigger ones in half)
1 Granny Smith apple, peeled, cored and cut into small chunks
2 tspn cornflour
An additional 100gm strawberries to add for texture
1/4 cup of sugar – I used half brown/half caster, up to you. I also added a bit more to tweak the taste later on.
1 egg for brushing on the pastry

  • Pop your strawberries, rhubarb, apple and sugar into a saucepan and cook down gently, stirring, until it starts to thicken


  • At this point (particularly if you have used frozen strawberries), the pectin in the apple may not be enough to thicken up the mix and you may have to add a paste of the cornflour mixed with a little bit of water to help thicken up the mix


  • Add your additional strawberries for a bit of a chunkier texture (you may want to keep aside a little rhubarb and apple too for this purpose, up to you) and gently cook until slightly soft
  • Allow to cool slightly, then spoon your lovely pink filling into your pie base
Rustie pie

It’s ‘ahem’ a little bit rustic – but thats ok, we cover it up!

  • Top with more pastry, brush with egg wash and cook at 180°C until pastry is golden. (I used a little star cutter to cut into the pastry so you could see the pretty pink filling. I egg washed and sprinkled the little pastry stars with brown sugar and an extra sprinkle of freeze dried raspberry dust and used them for decoration)…

Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie


And for a little bit more fun on the day I used some of the left over chocolate tart pastry (see below) to make some Strawberry & Marscapone tarts – check out last week’s Worldly Wednesday post for those sweeties…

Strawberry and chocolate tart

And over to Miss Mixotrophy in the Thermomix corner!

Well, I don’t know if anyone else saw the front cover of the Winter Donna Hay magazine… but if you did, your eyes probably popped out of your head and your jaw most likely dropped to the floor like mine did! Chocolate and espresso brulee tarts??! Oh wow. AND they fit with this month’s blog hop theme!

I was toying with a few other ideas for this month… lemon tart, lemon meringue pie, frangipani tart (with Maggie Beer’s sour cream pastry), pecan pie with chocolate pastry… but as usual, I couldn’t decide. THEN I read through the recipe for the Chocolate espresso brulee tarts and the decision was made for me. Chocolate pastry – check. Coffee – check. Chocolate ganache and yummy gooey tart filling – check. I get to use the kitchen blow torch that we got as a wedding present – check. I get to try bruleeing which is something I hadn’t done before AND the recipe was just screaming out “make me in the Thermomix!”. All three elements (ganache, crème patissiere and pastry) can be done so quickly and easily in the Thermomix without the need for lots of time, mess, double boilers and the usual ‘whisk over this bowl’ and ‘transfer to that bowl ‘ type of instructions.

So… with Thermomix in one hand and blow torch in the other, I went forth and made tarts! They were sooooooo yummy!

Blind baking ready to go

Fire up the blowtorch!

Fire up the blowtorch and have the Tonka Truck at the ready, cause you never know when you might need a Tonka Truck.

Chocolate and Espresso brulee tart

Thermomix Chocolate and Espresso brulee tarts


You can find my Thermomix conversion of these divine little tarts on the Thermomix Recipe Community. You can find me thermomixing on Twitter @mixotrophy, on Facebook or on the Thermomix recipe community

Make sure you head on over to The Capers of the Kitchen Crusader (she’s moving to the Margaret River region, if I wasn’t already living in the best place in the world Tassie I’d be totally jealous. In fact, I still think I am a teensy bit jealous – it would be warmer there) and check out her Spiced Cherry Chocolate Pies and all the other insPIEring (hehe) entries this month (http://www.thekitchencrusader.com/2012/01/spiced-cherry-chocolate-pies-and-life.html?m=1)




  1. Wow those are some delicious looking pies!

  2. Haha the Tonka truck comment had me laughing! Maybe that’s what I am missing from my kitchen! Love your delicious treats, especially the gooey brûlée tarts.

    • All good kitchens are not complete without a tonka truck to trip over – though that shot was actually taken outside the kitchen – alfresco style- I think Mixotrophy thought there was a chance she’d blow the torch up on her first brûléeing effort!

  3. A plethora of pies 🙂 is there anything better, I say! Thanks for joining the hop guys 😀

  4. Loving the stars on the rhubarb pie and coveting the blow torch! So many pies!

  5. Gorgeous looking pies 🙂 I need some rhubarb…

  6. Oh dear. How to choose between two such fab recipes. Oh wait – I don’t have to choose, do I? Win!!

  7. Two lovely pies! The start on the top of the strawberry rhubarb are genius. It looks beautiful.

  8. Yum, those brulee tarts look so gooey and yummy – but it’s still hard to beat a good rhubarb and berry pie! By the way, I love the idea of cutting out the stars and using them to decorate! Pretty.
    Oh, and my kitchen is 100% Tonka truck free. We have My Little Ponies instead. 🙂

  9. mykitchenstories says:

    These look exceptionally good. I just love a soft brulee tart … with strawberries even better


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