Owl Treat Bags

I think it’s always nice to give out a treat bag at a birthday party.  Even if Miss Z is only turning 1, its still a nice guesture to thank all those who will most probably bring along a present for her.  It doesn’t have to be much and I have found a really cute way to bring a few more Owls to our party theme!

I found this cute idea on Pintrest (our love affair grows stronger every day) and had 99% of the materials at home – bargain!

Firstly I cut the cardboard and folded it into a card.

Then I marked out the owl faces with a pencil and got to cutting.

Next you need to cut out your eyes and beaks.   I used the same colour/owl face theme from our party invitations, just to tie it in as best I could.

Once you have all your peices, fill your bags with treats and fold over the owl face.  Staple the face to the bag, ensuring you place the staples underneath where the owl eyes will be.

Then I wrote a little thankyou message on the back of the face and stuck on the beak and the eyes (making sure you stick your eyes over the staples so they can’t be seen).

Twoo Cute!!



  1. Very cute idea,so creative.

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