Worldly Wednesday – get your sweet fill…

Yesterday, Miss Mixotrophy headed over with her thermomix so we could have a baking day for the next Sweet Adventures Blog Hop which opens next week. The theme is ‘Sweet as Pie’ and we had a few sweet treats in mind.

I had heaps of frozen strawberries and some rhubarb from Dad’s garden, so made a Rhubarb & Strawberry pie. I was going to make a marscapone/cream cheese tart but didn’t get time to make a base for it. Thankfully Miss Mixotrophy had some spare chocolate pastry from her creation, so I decided to blind bake them in mini tart trays and whip up some of the awesome marscapone/cream cheese mix.

I’m loving this delicious filling that works well with a cheesecake base/tart base, instead of cream in a cake or mixed with an egg, for a thicker mix in a pastry and cook it up….

1/4 cup Cream
125gm Mascarpone Cheese
125gm Philadelphia Cream Cheese
50gm icing sugar
1 teaspoon of finely grated lemon zest
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract

I used Big Red (my mixer) to whip up the cream to soft peaks.

Then I transferred that to another bowl, while I mixed together the marscapone, cream cheese and icing sugar.

Once mixed, add in in the vanilla and lemon, mix and then mix in your cream – make sure you don’t over-beat it (I did)…

Add it to a pre-baked tart base (or mini ones like I did), spread between sponge cake, use it as a cheesecake filling, the options are endless. Chill overnight for best results, I ate some much earlier than that LOL!

You can add in finely chopped strawberries like I did, and I added a few on top for good measure, but you could use any type of fruit with this, either mixed in or added on top. Totally delish – except I only had the frozen berries, nothing fresh to top with so they started to run 😦 tasted great, just didn’t photograph too well…

This is not a tart…


Stay tuned next week for our Sweet as Pie creations – including the recipe for the yummy chocolate tart base that Miss Mixotrophy used (and I stole)…



  1. Oh YUM! That looks amazing. I would love to try these one day

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