Kids play – shopping matchups

Here’s a fun learning activity/game that is easily whipped up with what you have around the house.

Grab some junk mail and cut out pictures of what your have in the pantry (or save old containers/boxes etc). At this point I did the cutting because Miss E is still a bit impressionistic with her cutting skills and I wanted to be able to recognize what was in the pictures. Though I did guide her with a couple of them. But it would be a great cutting activity for slightly older kids…


Then lay out your ‘shop’. Master O got to shopping straight away…


He then decided to shoplift test the quality of the fresh produce…


I then popped the pictures in Miss E’s lovely pink my little pony bag and got her to pull one out one by one. First – mandarins…


She would pick out a picture and tell me what it was, then ‘find’ it in the shop. Great for recognition/matching skills…


I also threw in some things that were the same ‘type’ as the pictures from the catalogue, but a different brand. So she was learning to recognize things that were ‘similar’ and using different words to explain that. For example “can you find this pasta? The packet in the picture is red, but our shop doesn’t have red packets of pasta, can you find something similar?”
I’d then ask her to tell me colours in the packaging, shapes of boxes etc. there are so many things you can teach while playing this – I love it!


After all the items that we had pictures for were picked, we took them to the checkout. Fresh produce was weighed (found out Master O had sampled more than one mandarin)…


And then added onto the cash register.


I showed them how the calculator function worked on the register. A little beyond them both at the moment – I think our checkout chump made a mistake. That’s a hefty shopping bill right there!


Lots of fun for both the kiddies, while they are learning as well! Win!



  1. Rebecca says:

    I love this idea! Will definitely be doing this with my kiddies soon. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there, I found you via mummy’s undeserved blessings. Thanks for sharing this post, it’s such a great idea and will definitely be doing this with my kids 🙂

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