FFS/Shiny Things Friday

So firstly you may ask, why is Mel posting on a Friday? Doesn’t Danni post on a Friday? What is happening, is Honey You Baked feeling a bit confused this week? Well it’s all due to me…

We went out for a friend’s 30th on Saturday night. There were lots of tall people in gorgeous cute little dresses. I felt frumpy. I also felt old, I’m on the downhill slide to 40 now, almost 6 years on and 30 feels so long ago. I was living in Sydney, we were double-income no kids. Wow! For that matter I also feel broke. FFS.

Sunday, I felt a little cranky and seedy due to post wine consumption. A1 caught a sleep-in and then dropped Mum back home and disappeared to Bunnings for a fair portion of the day. I was dying for a drink of coke so I could pep myself up with sugar and caffeine, but by the time I thought about texting him to bring some home, he was coming up the driveway. FFS.

At some point during the day I realised the home Internet wasn’t working. Figured A1 would be able to fix up home Internet and get it working so wasn’t too concerned. He couldn’t. FFS

Oh and I was also out of prepaid Internet on my phone and I wasn’t able to top it up until payday (Thursday). So I was without Internet for the next 4 days and didn’t have any prepared blog posts to go. FFS.

Target, our cat disappeared on Monday. A1 let him outside when he left to go to work. Normally he is miaowing to get back in 5 minutes later because its cold and I’m still snuggled up in bed. We didn’t see him all morning. Highly unusual since it was cold and damp and we had the fire going. By lunchtime I had done two perimeter walks of our hectare block looking for him and calling out Target like a lunatic – bet the builders across the road think I’m a freak! Not a miaow or a bell-tinkle to be heard. So I layered up the kids and went for a walk up and down our road – I’m thinking the worst as we’d had cement trucks barreling up and down the road all morning. Still no cat. A1 came home and had a look at lunch too. Nothing. Seriously weird, the cat barely leaves the fireside.
Then, when I’m getting reading for work, there’s a miaow at the door and there he is. Not dirty, wet or damaged at all. Just hungry. FFS.

Tuesday is the one day a week that Miss E is in Childcare. Fun for everyone! It normally ends up being the day that I book appointments for myself and Master O, but this week we had nothing planned and I was feeling pretty crap and run down. Oliver woke up early that morning but rather than try and resettle him, I figured it was close enough to wake up time, and I’d sneak in a little nap when he napped later in the day. Was quite looking forward to that nap. Do you think he would nap? No. Refused to nap ALL day. FFS.

That night A1 and I both sat bolt upright in bed after hearing what sounded like a ‘clap, clap’ noise from either our walk-in-robe or ensuite. After putting it down to something falling off the meterbox outside (from the warmth of his side of the bed), he promptly fell back asleep and was snoring within a minute. I laid awake, stiff as a board, barely breathing for the next two hours, wondering if someone was going to smother me in bed. Still haven’t worked out what the noise was. FFS.

Wednesday I gave the vanity in our ensuite a good clean. It sparkled. Came home from work to find that A1 had got the clippers out and done his Winter shave of head (cause you do that when the weather is cold, right?)
Went to the bathroom after he’d gone to bed only to realise that he had left half the clipped hair all over the sink. FFS.

Miss E was asking all day Wednesday to do some painting. So I got the easel out in the afternoon and mixed up some paints and set it up outside so they could go nuts. After precisely two minutes and three long strokes with the brush on the paper, she declared she was ‘finished’. I told her otherwise… FFS.

But for all the FFS-edness, there’s been some pretty awesome shiny things too…

As much as I felt frumpy – I had the most awesome time with my Mother’s Group girls last Saturday night. They rock big time and I also love the fact that our boys are happy to chat away with each other. Three and a half years on, we still meet up each week – with slightly fewer numbers, since some of us work on MG days, but we still catch up for weekend playdates or Mumma only dinners. I love my girls xxx

Master O is talking like a pro. Coming from the other side of watching Miss E struggle at times with a speech delay it gets me so excited to see his language develop. On Sunday when Mum was leaving he said ‘Bye Bye Nanna’ clear as day. Shiny!

Oh and when I was packing the dishwasher, he walked out of the kitchen, to the loungeroom and came back with a used bowl. He then reached up and popped it in the top shelf of the dishwasher. This kid rocks!

Both kids are playing so well with each other of late. Miss E is trying very hard to teach him manners ‘Say please!’ which cracks me up since she needs to be prompted most times to say it.

We’ve had some rainy days – but some wonderful rainbows too. We followed this one in the car the other day, but when I first saw it, I pulled over as it looked like it went straight up vertically into the sky – beautiful!


We played shops (blog post coming on this) and lots of cubbies this week. They both loved making different shaped cubbies and changing the layouts.


Loving having our log fire on these cold rainy days!

So even though I felt a bit lost without Internet for so long, it was kind of relaxing! The total bonus being that I get to do a FFS Friday post for once since we swapped our posting days over. Win!

A big thanks to Miss Danni being totally organised and having extra blog posts up her sleeve to cover for my internet-less-ness. Big mwahs to her – and it’s back to normal next week!

We’re linking up with the most wonderful Dear Baby G this week for her FFS. Head on over – her Friday posts are the highlight of my week! Also thanks to the gorgeous Mrs Smyth – I’m stealing her shiny things Friday idea. Speaking of shiny things, she has a shiny, new whimsical look for her blog – I want to steal that too – go on over and meet her new little birdies!




  1. I love that you’re here on FFS Fridays! I’m also VERY glad that Target has returned.. albeit with the audacity to look like he hadn’t had a rough time at all, just got hungry thanks…
    I love the play fort idea – I am stealing this! And thank you for the blog plug. xoxo

  2. Firstly I am so glad you’re here for a FFS Friday too. Secondly I thought Amy said ‘butt plug’ up there ^^^ I had to read that last line 5 times :/ I turn 36 in November so I hear you on that one! I also refuse to clean our vanity anymore because every time I do HB does the exact same thing as your A1. Frustrating!! LOVE your shiny things xx

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